Is a sign of life—life?

Ed H. writes:

Signs of life on the Dead Island. Here is a video the BBC and the rest of the MSM will not show. but it’s happening. I hope the next “Get Islam Out ” rally is 100 times larger. This march is in Manchester.

God bless the working class, damn the Global Elite traitors. When will they pay for their crimes?

LA replies:

Our primary aim should not be to make them pay for or be made accountable for their crimes; that is of purely secondary importance and will do us no practical good. Our primary aim should be to stop them from committing their crimes and undo the results of their crimes.

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Terry Morris writes:

But if they are not held accountable for their crimes, what is to prevent them, or those of like temperament, from committing the same crimes again? Is it not true that punishments for crimes should be inflicted to discourage others from repeating the same mistakes, and not as acts of vengeance?

LA replies:

When Ed said, “When will they pay for their crimes?”, he suggested that his main aim was vengeance, not healing society. Of course accountability and the establishment of the historical record by which this disaster was brought upon us is important, so as to learn lessons and avoid the same disaster in the future. But the main thing is to rescue us from the disaster that is happening right now.

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