One man’s experience of Muslims

A reader writes from somewhere in the Middle East:

“[T]he now widespread stereotyping of Islam as medieval and inherently violent and intolerant ensures eternal war.”
—Camille Paglia, Salon, June 10, 2009

Camille “Blame the Victim” Paglia badly needs to walk in my shoes for a few months. Muslims may not all be predisposed towards violence and/or “intolerance,” but take it from me—nearly all the Muslims and Arab Muslims I’ve spent significant time with during my travels throughout the Middle East are uneducated (no, memorizing the Koran and then getting a third-rate engineering degree from a third-rate Arab university doesn’t cut it as “education”), racist, supremacist, reflexively intolerant, superstitious, rabidly anti-Semitic and just plain ignorant. And the vast majority of them treat non-Arabs, and especially non-Arab non-Muslims, like absolute s__t. Oh, and did you know they habitually marry first cousins? (Does absolute wonders for the gene pool!)

Hey, what’s so bad about “eternal war” with Arab Muslims? Sure beats even the slightest submission to their crazy, cowardly, woman-hating, misogynistic notions!

Best regards from the land of The Deceivers,

PS—if you’d like to post this, do so without my name attached to it. I kind of dig the fact that my head is firmly attached to my neck!

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