Guess whose political teaching the Tory Party sees as the model for British conservative politics. Guess.

I have written before that the only hope for the return of any meaningful conservatism in Britain is the defeat of the ridiculous fop David Cameron and his re-tooled “Conservative” party in the upcoming parliamentary elections. If the Conservatives win, then Cameron’s remaking of the Conservatives as a leftist party would be sealed. If they lose (and lose against “Dead Man Walking” Gordon Brown), Cameronism will be discredited, and there will at least be a chance for a return of some kind of genuine conservatism.

Any doubts that the Cameronized Conservatives are not just a liberal party but a leftist party are dissolved by the following astonishing piece of information brought forward by Melanie Phillips. After pointing out that Cameron’s recently announced plan for a “Big Society” that would replace the “Big State” would in reality only expand state funding of social welfare rather than diminish it as Cameron claims, Phillips continues:

So I was disheartened by what appeared to be another example of over-heated spin. But that was before I read the [Cameron] speech itself and, even more astounding, the Tory party’s own story puffing this speech. At this point I fell off my chair. For the party’s puff trumpeted:

The new policies announced as part of the Big Society plan include:

“Neighbourhood army” of 5,000 full-time, professional community organisers who will be trained with the skills they need to identify local community leaders, bring communities together, help people start their own neighbourhood groups, and give communities the help they need to take control and tackle their problems. This plan is directly based on the successful community organising movement established by Saul Alinsky in the United States and has successfully trained generations of community organisers, including President Obama (my emphasis).

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Leonard K. writes:

It’s interesting that Alinsky died “near his home in Carmel, California.” He who dedicated all his life to the “community organizing” in black ghettos, himself chose to live as far as possible from the “organized.” Carmel is one of the most expensive towns in California, and is almost exclusively white:

The racial makeup of the city is 94.58 percent White, 0.44 percent Black or African American, 0.32 percent Native American, 2.25 percent Asian, 0.15 percent Pacific Islander, 0.91 percent from other races, and 1.35 percent from two or more races. 2.94 percent of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race.

For California, less than 3 percent Hispanic is quite an exception!

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