A miscellany of comments on liberals and liberalism

Sage McLaughlin writes:

I never link to Victor Davis Hanson, but he really does a good job summarizing the princess-and-the-pea sensitivity that leftists have suddenly acquired to raucous demonstrations (and really, the demonstrations we’ve seen from the left over the last eight years have no legitimate counterpart on the right whatsoever).

Mel R. writes:

Following is something I wrote a number of years ago when I moved from San Francisco back to Tulsa. I think it applies more than ever with our Nanny State.

Because we have taken God out of everything and the folks are less moral, the State has had to grow to keep people doing the right thing (“there ought to be a law”), when in the past we all, for the most part, did the right and civil thing because it was how we were raised.

The Founders wanted us to be a moral, God-fearing country so as there would be less need for the Nanny State that we have now and the corruption that entails.

Furthermore, we were all, for the most part, of the same heritage and culture. Today, with the influx of totally foreign folks and traditions (female circumcision, etc.), the State has had to grow to deal with all of the inherent problems of a multicultural society. I would love to see the pretzel any open border libertarian would work himself into regarding the increase in the government to deal with the unchecked Third World immigration that libertarians so whole-heartily endorse.

Mel R. writes:

Please refer to market-ticker.org for a very detailed analysis on the fraud that permeates our financial markets and, I would argue, society as a whole.

I have several theories about the proliferation of dishonesty in today’s society.

1) We self-impose lies all of the time about differences between blacks and whites. As one example: how blacks are portrayed in entertainment versus the reality. Blacks are always the doctors, engineers, good guys, etc. in tv land. All of this lying to ourselves and lies from the media wears on people until they cannot differentiate between the true and the false. So what’s a little white lie on my mortgage app?

2) The elites tell us all of the time that two gay guys raising a boy is equal, if not better, than a husband and wife raising their own biological son. In the deepest marrow of our bones we know this is not right yet we cannot say that anymore in polite society.

3) There is no difference between men and women. Well, you are starting to get the point.

4) Banning our Judeo-Christian God from the public sphere, especially the schools.

5) We are now more of a low trust society because of immigration. See Mr. Putnam’s, Bowling Alone, and just about anything Mr. Sailer writes on immigration.

Fighting Mad Reader writes:

As you know, I “slug” to work. Slugging involves commuters going to designated parking lots where they stand in line to be picked up by strangers so the driver can travel on the HOV lanes. Not only is it a wonderfully efficient system, but it provides me with a laboratory to test out some of my thoughts and jokes. Of course, sometimes drivers and fellow passengers are not inclined to speak, but most to the time, they like to gab. I particularly enjoy the situation in which the driver is a white conservative, I am sitting shotgun, and a black is in the back seat. Every time—and I mean EVERY TIME I have blasted Obama for being a socialist or for his having attended a racist, Farrakhan-loving church, the black passenger(s) have not said a word in his defense. Do you know why? It is because they are incapable of arguing a valid point.

In our struggle to reverse this country’s demographical and political course, white liberals are the center of gravity—not minorities. Once we have figured out a way to marginalize white liberals, then the tens of millions of blacks and Hispanics will be like the Persian hordes in the movie “300,”—easily taunted, easily defeated, and easily pushed off the cliff. We should thus not give a hoot about the feelings of white liberals or our obligation to play by Marquis of Queensbury rules.

Jack R. writes:

As the Empty Black Messiah is exposed on a daily basis, perhaps the lies and delusions of the past 50 years are disintegrating.

If this is so, however, look not for Obama to repent, as the 2010 report card looms (with no way to give him an inflated minority grade), but to push harder with a do or die scorched earth policy .

You know Rahm, Michelle, Ayers, Rev. Wright et. al. will counsel for Total Victory or an Obamadammerung.

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