Robert Novak

Young Prince of Darkness, 1958

I had a terrific time fulfilling all my youthful dreams and at the same time making life miserable for hypocritical, posturing politicians and, I hope, performing a service for my country.
— Robert Novak, The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years reporting in Washington, 2007.

See the story in the New York Post. I always liked Novak. With his toughness and intelligence he represented an older Washington, an Allen Drury kind of Washington, to which I could relate. Never sentimental. A terrific reporter. Though his anti-Israelism was a mark against him.

I briefly quote Novak’s book, which I read and enjoyed when it came out, here, though the entry is on an entirely different topic.

By the way, look again at the Novak quote above. Can you imagine such a sentence being written by anyone but an American?

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