Series of racial attacks in Chicago

In Chicago over the last five days there have been six almost identical violent attacks. In each instance, a man walking alone in the early morning or late evening in an affluent area of North Chicago has been set upon by a gang of three or four young men who beat him about the head and face and took his cell phone or wallet. Remarkably, My Fox Chicago (which I assume is a local Fox News affiliate) carefully describes the race of the perpetrators in all the attacks. In the last attack, they were four blacks. In the one before that, they were two blacks and one Hispanic. In the first four attacks, they were Hispanic.

At the same time, notwithstanding all this unwonted racial frankness, the race of the victims is not mentioned at all. Why?

To arrive at an answer, let us first recognize that the police had no choice but to give the race of the perpetrators. There has been a series of crimes here, it’s alarming the city, and the perps must be caught. So descriptions are needed. The police didn’t want to give the race of these nonwhite attackers, but they needed to. Therefore they did.

At the same time, the police also did not want to give the race of the victims, who are obviously white, as that would have turned the attacks into nonwhite-on-white racial attacks, which would have upset the story line (dare we call it the narrative?) of liberal America. Furthermore, it was not necessary for police to provide the race of the victims in order to catch the perpetrators. Thus the police neither wanted to identify the race of the victims, nor did they need to. And therefore they didn’t.

Here is the article:

Sixth Person Attacked on the North Side
Updated: Tuesday, 04 Aug 2009, 8:42 AM CDT
Published : Tuesday, 04 Aug 2009, 7:51 AM CDT

In the sixth similar violent incident on the North Side, a man was beaten and robbed by four men who stole his cell phone while he was walking early Monday in the Lake View neighborhood.

A 24-year-old man was walking at 4:50 a.m. at 3341 N. Halsted St. when four men attacked him, according to police News Affairs Officer Robert Perez.

“They began punching him about the face and body and they took his cell phone,” Perez said.

Three of the suspects were black and the fourth appeared to be a light skinned black man who was possibly Hispanic and all were between the ages of 20 and 30, Perez said.

The man suffered swelling and was injured but he declined to go to a hospital, according to Perez, who said nothing else was taken besides the phone.

One of the attackers was wearing black clothing and clothing on the other three was not known, according to Perez.

The latest incident occurred late Monday in Lincoln Park.

At 10:55 p.m. the man was walking his bike to his car when he was attacked by three men at the intersection of West Fullerton Parkway and North Cannon Drive, police said.

The attackers—two black men and one Hispanic who was wearing a white hat—began throwing punches at him and beating him, according to police who said the victim fought them off by using a chain from his bike.

The victim threw $137 in cash on the ground, which they took, and he was not injured, police said.

Four other similar incidents—two early Thursday and two early Saturday—in which men who were walking alone were beaten and their wallets stolen in the same affluent area.

The first incident happened about 2 a.m. Thursday in the 600 block of West Fullerton Parkway, according to a release from Belmont Area detectives.

In each case the victims were walking when several men confront them, demand their wallet and beat them in the head and face, the release said.

Several victims have been hospitalized following the robberies.

All of the four robberies happened between 2 a.m. and 3:40 a.m. on Thursday and early Saturday, the release said.

The other three locations included the 2100 block of North Stockton Drive, the 2000 block of North Cleveland Avenue and the 300 block of West Webster Avenue.

The offenders are described as Hispanic males in their early 20s, and one victim spotted an older model, small, maroon car on the scene, the release said.

Detectives urge residents to walk in groups when possible and avoid secluded areas such as parks, alleys and vacant lots late at night and early morning.

They also urge anyone with information on the robberies to call 911 or Belmont Area detectives at (312) 744-8263.

- end of initial entry -

Ed D. writes:

In response to your article “Series of racial attacks in Chicago” I have an insight I can offer.

It is a high probability that the victims were homosexual men, given the location of the attacks. 3341 N. Halsted St. is located in a neighborhood that is colloquially referred to as “Boystown,” complete with rainbow banners and flags. Perhaps the authorities do not want to insinuate that racial minorities are targeting homosexuals for attack.

LA replies:

But wouldn’t Chicagoans know the significance of those addresses? And this still wouldn’t explain why the authorities don’t give the victims’ race.

Mark P. replies::

If this was a gay bashing, you would here about it. “Boystown” is the first official gay community in the United States. Gay-bashing incidences would be taken very seriously.

Ed D. replies:

Your assessment is not wrong. The police and the media do not want to portray racial minorities as dangerous to white people, and certainly not to white homosexuals.

* * *

I asked Mark P., who had sent me the Fox article, for other Chicago coverage. He sent me these two items.

This is from the Chicago Crime Examiner:

Deborah O’Malley
Chicago Crime Examiner

Deborah O’Malley is a veteran Chicago producer. She’s worked in various capacities at WMAQ-TV, Fox News, and ABC Network News Chicago. She’s covered crime stories in every community and now works as an independent producer and writer.

Police are trying to determine if a pair of attacks overnight on the North Side are related to four other recent muggings in Lincoln Park.

Police say a 24-year-old man was jumped at 4:50 a.m. while he walked on the 3300 block of North Halsted. He was punched several times and his cell phone was stolen. He was not seriously hurt.

Meanwhile another man was attacked in Lincoln Park just before 11:00 p.m. last night. Police say three men began beating the victim but he fought them off with a bike chain. The suspects stole $137 from the victim.

Police issued a community alert over the weekend following four similar attacks in the Lincoln Park area late last week. In all those attacks, men walking alone were jumped from behind and badly beaten by a group of young men.

[end of O’Malley article]

She’s a veteran crime journalist. Yet the entire first incident is written in the passive voice. The man “was attacked,” he “was punched,” etc. She doesn’t even say how many men attacked him. It could be one, it could be five.

And of course no race is mentioned.

If a reasonably competent reporter is represented by a 75 watt bulb, how much wattage does veteran crime journalist Deborah O’Malley have?

This is from

7 attacks in Lincoln Park and Lakeview
By Ben Bradley

August 4, 2009 (CHICAGO) (WLS)—The Guardian Angels were patrolling Chicago’s North Side neighborhoods on Tuesday night warning people about a series of attacks.

There have been at least seven but police say not all are connected.

The attacks have continued despite the media spotlight and police patrols saturating the area.

On Tuesday night, ABC7 talked with a man who was assaulted over the weekend.

The modus operandi is the same: two men beating an unsuspecting male late at night. [LA replies: But this is not correct; several of the attacks, according to Fox, involve three or four attackers.]

“I held the fence and screamed for help. Then they started kicking me and punching me,” said Serik, assault victim.

The medical student says his two attackers appeared out of nowhere Sunday night. He was walking home from a late night dinner when he turned the corner from Montrose on to Greenview.

“I didn’t hear them say anything or ask for anything. All I could remember is I was desperately screaming for help,” said Serik.

Serik says a neighbor’s screams scared the two men off.

His attacked happened roughly two miles from seven others in the past week in the Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods.

Another victim told ABC 7’s Jason Knowles he used a bike lock to fend off the two men who jumped him Monday morning.

“I started swinging at them. They started backing up a bit. One of the gentlemen said, ‘big homey aint goin’ let’s split,’” said the man who did not want to be identified.

“These guys are vicious and cruel. They don’t just rob and hurt. Like I said, we’re doing everything we can to catch them and I’m confident we will,” said Supt. Jody Weis, Chicago Police Department.

Michael Fuentes is a member of the Guardian Angels. They are acting as an extra set of eyes and ears along the bike and running path in Lincoln Park. It’s well populated in the evening, but desolate between midnight and 5 a.m. when the attacks are occurring.

“You have unique cases of people attacking men. Usually women are the ones attacked, being raped, but in this case not only are they robbing men, but physically assaulting them,” said Fuentes.

Police haven’t linked Serik’s assault to the others, but his is a sentiment shared by any victim.

“We shouldn’t be living in a place like this, we shouldn’t be thinking twice, ‘who’s going to attack us next,’” said Serik.

On Tuesday night, the police superintendent told ABC7 it looks like only four of the recent attacks were committed by the same people. Others may be copycats or separate incidents. [LA comments: As we know from reading the Fox report, the reason that poliec think four of the attacks were committed by the same people is that the racial description of the attackers as Hispanics is the same in those four attacks. But mighty Ben Bradley doesn’t mention the race of the attackers, so Ben Bradley’s readers have no way of knowing what is the basis for saying that four of the attacks were by the same people.]

While the attacks have received a lot of attention, they pale in comparison to what’s going on in other parts of the city. In the Englewood neighborhood last month alone, there were 47 reports of aggravated assaults and battery compared with just four in Lincoln Park.

[end of Bradley article]

No description of the attackers. And the “reporter,” Ben Bradley, has an excuse. There’s lot’s more crime in the bad parts of town. So why worry about crime in the good parts of town?

Bradley’s commenters aren’t happy with him either.

* * *

Also, here is mass shooter at a Pittsburgh fitness center. I assume he’s white, yet the New York Times doesn’t give a description except that he was “clean-shaven and short,” Perhaps, in order to justify not giving racial descriptions in nonwhite crimes, the Times is avoiding giving racial description in white crimes as well. Also, it’s amazing that he killed only three people and wounded nine. He fired 50 rounds.

* * *

Ed D. writes:

Mark P. writes: If this was a gay bashing, you would here about it. “Boystown” is the first official gay community in the United States. Gay-bashing incidences would be taken very seriously.

I don’t agree with Mark P. here. Attacks on homosexuals would be big news, if they could fit the liberal narrative that white bigots are carrying out the attacks. That’s not the case here. I have no knowledge that any of the victims are homosexual. But given the location of one of the attacks, near Belmont & Halsted, there’s a better than 50 percent chance that a male walking down the street there at 5 a.m. is homosexual. An attacker would assume the same thing.

The areas where the attacks occurred are areas that are overwhelmingly white. And they are overwhelmingly liberal. Chicago has several areas where the population is overwhelmingly white. But unlike the white outskirts of the City, Lakeview and Lincoln Park are populated by DePaul students and young whites from all corners of the country who tend to be extremely liberal. For an area that is so white, there is a noticeably high number of racial minorities who seem to wander parts of the neighborhood, especially at night and on the weekends. One wouldn’t typically see racial minorities roaming the white neighborhoods of the city that are populated by native Chicagoans. They’d stick out like a sore thumb, especially if there is more than one. This is not a crime that would happen in most other white neighborhoods in Chicago.

Mike J. writes:

Please don’t mistake me for a liberal, but there are perfectly sound tactical reasons for robbers of any race to select white victims:

1) Street thugs might be unaware of the IQ gap, but they are aware of its economic consequences. Whites are more likely to have something worth taking.

2) Whites tend to be law-abiding. They even foolishly obey the laws that deny them weapons for self-defense. Non-whites are less law-abiding, and often carry weapons in defiance of the laws.

3) Some whites foolishly make easy targets of themselves, traveling alone, unarmed, late at night, as the victims in these cases did. Non-whites tend to travel in gangs.

Imagine yourself a common criminal. Who would be your preferred victims?

LA replies:

Of course, blacks may often have sound monetary and other practical reasons for selecting white victims. But that doesn’t explain the gratuitous, savage violence they display toward whites. It doesn’t explain the machete attacks on Antigua and Tobego. It doesn’t explain the wildings all over the country. It doesn’t explain the recent attack by a gang on a white family in Akron, Ohio. It doesn’t explain the Wichita Massacre and the Knoxville Atrocity. It doesn’t explain the Hamilton Heights torture case. Take a look at the black on white crimes listed and described here, and tell me how many of them can be explained by a rational calculus of gain.

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