“The first conservative demonstration I’ve seen in Bay Area in more than 30 years”

A. Zarkov writes:

I live in a largely apolitical white upper middle class suburb in the San Francisco Bay area. While my neighbors tilt towards the Republicans (unusual for the Bay Area), the standard operating mode here is apathy. You almost never see bumper stickers or lawn signs for a candidate or cause. You certainly never see any kind of street demonstration. Until today. As I turned a corner (everyone drives everywhere) in my car, I saw a crowd of anti-Obamacare people along with their children waving signs and milling around. I’ve never seen any kind of conservative demonstration anywhere in the Bay Area in more than 30 years. I think the sleeping giant has awoken, and as of today I now have hope that we will beat back the twin monsters of health care and immigration reform. Obama has started to melt.

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LA replies:

And I assume Mr. Zarkov means not just the present health care proposal (or set of proposals), but any Trojan Horse substitutes the Democrats come up with in an effort to win support.

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