Zimmerman back in jail

Lydia McGrew writes:

What do you make of the latest development in the Zimmerman case—the revocation of his bond and his being sent back to jail? I have a feeling that I’m watching a terrible miscarriage of justice unfold before my eyes. They’re going to railroad this guy. [LA replies: From the moment he was charged with 2nd degree murder I felt that I was watching a terrible miscarriage of justice and that they’re going to railroad him. I felt it was odd that conservatives immediately after his arrest began saying it was likely he would be acquitted at trial. The man was already the victim of a Communist-style prosecution; why should anyone believe he would be acquitted at trial or that the evidence was what mattered here rather than the state’s determination to find him guilty no matter what?]

I’m not sure exactly why this event has come to seem so iconic to me, but I suppose it is because in the course of home schooling, I teach my children about the rule of law in America. What I teach them is that as America is set up, we have equality before the law. When you are charged with a crime, no one asks you who your parents are or whether you are rich or poor. The standard of evidence is the same for everyone. You have to be found guilty on the basis of evidence, no matter who you are. No bribes, no special influence. In this Zimmerman case I see a microcosm of the way that the whole American concept of blind justice is being thrown out the window. It’s truly terrifying.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 04, 2012 09:08 AM | Send

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