Party in crime

I said yesterday that the Democratic Party is not a legitimate American political party but a criminal leftist party. Here’s proof. According to Fox News, 35 counties in Illinois have not mailed ballots to service members overseas. At the same time, the Chicago Board of Elections has hand delivered ballots to 2,600 felons serving in Cook County jails. Moreover, the prisoners didn’t request the ballots.

I didn’t know that any jurisdiction in the U.S. actually allowed felons to vote. Quin Hillyer of the Washington Times calls the prisoners “felons.” However, if they’re serving in county jails rather than in state prisons, they are probably convicted of lesser offenses than felonies.

And there’s more. According to Hillyer, the U.S Justice Department posted a 2,000 word article at its website telling felons around the country how to vote We’ll have to look up his reporting to nail down the facts.

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Philip M. writes from England:

You wrote:

“35 countries in Illinois have not mailed ballots … “

Countries in Illinois?

Dang, I knew America was big, but … even your states have countries.

LA replies:

Wise guy.

Philip replies:

Not being a wise-guy, just thought you’d want to know! You have mentioned before when no-one has pointed out mistakes to you.

Interesting election coverage by the way. I’d never really thought too much about these kind of elections before (ie non-presidential) and over the last few days it’s been facinating seeing the discussions about it. I guess the thing I couldn’t get was why, when the GOP are so useless, you care who wins. But I get it now, it’s about blocking his Obamacare-thing and other crazy stuff. I watched a programme about the Tea Party on the BBC last night actually, it made me realise how much more of an insight into America I have now because of VFR.

LA replies:

Sorry if I told this story before, but the idea of “countries” in a state makes me think of it. My grandmother, my father’s mother, was telling my mother how she had distributed among her sons a challah she had baked. “So I gave a half to Joe, a half to Moe, a half to Sam, and a half to Irving.”

My mother said: “That’s a lot of halves.”

My grandmother: “Well, it was a big challah.”

Philip replies:

So simple, so silly, yet so funny!

M. Jose writes:

I know that in Maine, felons are allowed to vote. Not ex-convicts, felons currently in prison.

M. Jose writes:

You wrote:

“According to Fox News, 35 counties in Illinois have not mailed ballots to service members overseas.”

Actually, the report says that they did not mail them on time (i.e. 45 days prior to the election). It did not say that they have not mailed them by now.

Personally, I think that all states should hold their non-presidential primaries no later than mid-August, and Presidential primaries no later than mid-July (and the conventions by mid-August). This issue is the big problem with the military ballots; that the primaries are so late that the ballots aren’t completed on time.

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