Denver authorities and media frankly describe attacks as motivated by racial hatred of whites

Last month, as reported here, Denver police arrested 32 blacks in connection with a wave of what the police called “racially motivated” attacks on whites. Here is more information on the attacks, from KDVR in Denver, dated December 4 (I came upon the story at a site called The Thug Report, which a reader had sent):

Gang members targeted white victims in Denver attacks

DENVER—Police believe a series of violent attacks in downtown Denver between July 17 and September 20 of this year were motivated by racial hatred of white people by the black suspects.

Explosive new information revealed today, in the arrest warrants issued to nearly three dozen gang members accused in a series of attacks in the LoDo area. Police say the attacks have occurred over the last four months, involving numerous victims, some of whom were beaten severely and seriously injured.

Arrest affidavits released by the Denver Police Department show a pattern of racially charged statements by the attackers preceding most of the attacks. [Here are pdfs of affidavit 1, affidavit 2, and affidavit 3.]

According to the documents, the suspects told police they specifically targeted white men, they called “crackers.” They would approach a victim saying things like “it smells like white people” and “i hate (expletive) white people.” The suspects told police they felt two black gangs “owned” sections of LoDo near The Bash nightclub and wanted to beat up white men in that area to teach them not to come downtown unless they “brought their friends for protection.’

Many of the suspects were blunt in their motivations when they were interviewed by detectives.

The suspects told police the beatings were part of gang initiations and that gang members could gain status by “beating up white dudes.” Other motives were money and robbery. The suspects allegedly stole cash, credit cards and cell phones. And told police they robbed the white people because the victims had a lot of money.

Many of the attacks were caught on downtown surveillance cameras. In some cases, it appears the suspects knew the cameras were there but did not seem to care.

Police made the arrests following a lengthy undercover operation.

FOX 31 has posted the affidavits in their entirety next to this story.

WARNING: affidavits contain graphic and racist language.

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Brad C. writes:

On the second page of the first affidavit, one of the suspects, Clarissa Lockhart, expresses a deep truth not just about this case, but about Western man in general: “White males did not ‘fight back’ and ‘looked like they had money’”. Indeed.

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