Anti-Israel conspiracy theorist on CSPAN

I’ve pointed out several times that former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer is a bad actor. And he reveals it in full in a recent interview on CSPAN, linked and quoted at Israel National News. This malignant fool is still living in the mental fevers of 2002-2003, when the Buchananite-paleocon wing repeatedly charged that the planned invasion of Iraq was really a conspiracy managed by Jews for the sake of Israel, that Bush’s stated concerns about weapons of mass destruction and his idea of planting democracy in Iraq and the Mideast as a way of ending Muslim terrorism in order to protect America, were deliberate lies planted in Bush’s mouth by his Jewish controllers for the sake of the real purpose of invading Iraq, which was to protect Israel. It wasn’t enough for the anti-war people to say that Bush’s policy was mistaken. No, they presented it as the biggest organized lie in the history of the United States, a lie of superhuman complexity and malevolence, in which the administration and its supporters spent a year arguing for the Iraq invasion on the putative basis of America’s national defense, when their real but hidden purpose was solely to remove a threat to Israel. Americans were thus fooled by evil and devious Jews into sacrificing gentile American lives for the sake of Jews. It was the classic Blood Libel, updated for modern America.

Of course Mullah-run, nuke-developing, “we will destroy Israel” Iran represented a far graver threat to Israel than Iraq; why didn’t the neocons urge the invasion of Iran instead of Iraq? And if the neocons, the main villain in Scheuer’s theory, would go to such evil lengths on behalf of Israel, why did they sign on to Bush’s democratization agenda which pushed Israel to make insane concessions to the Palestinians, to Israel’s own harm? As I have pointed out many times, during the Bush presidency the main thing for the neocons became the chimerical Bush Democracy Project, not concern for Israel. Only a person blinded by the notion of tribal Jewish self-interest controlling the events of the world from behind the scenes could fail to see that the pro-Bush neocons are universalist ideologues first, and defenders of the Jewish state (at best) second. Even the Israel-haters at The American Conservative have over the years downplayed the “The Iraq invasion was all about Israel” theory, realizing how implausible and absurd it is, not to mention how discrediting to themselves. But Scheuer, as can be seen in the CSPAN exchange, is still in the full draught of the anti-Israel, anti-neocon passion.

Scheuer says he’s concerned that Jewish power prevents frank ddiscussion of the role of Jews in politics. Like other anti-Israelites and Jew-obsessives, he doesn’t realize—and probably doesn’t care—that it’s his own malicious statements about Jews that make legitimate criticism of Jews impossible.

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Irwin Graulich (see his articles here) writes:

Excellent analysis of two pretty creepy guys—Scheuer and Buchanan. I do not like to use the term antisemite to describe either of them, because I do not think they rise to that level. They purposely like to tick off Jews and gain publicity by saying negative things about Israel or positive things about Jewish enemies.

My own personal theory is that they both feel that they have never risen far enough in stature or importance, compared to what they each perceive is their own amazing ability.

I know a lot about Buchanan’s twisted psyche and one day I will expose it in an article. Until then, neither of these two nonentities worries me at all.

Thank you for VFR.

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