Junk conservatism, cont.

Fox news analyst Megyn Kelly, whose trademark is to combine impressive smarts with ridiculously plunging necklines, has taken her Fox-style perversion of political discourse a few steps further with a salacious photo spread of herself in GQ.

(By the way, is it still called Gentlemen’s Quarterly, or, like British Petroleum, has it officially replaced its name with its initials?)

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Jim C. writes:

1. It’s GQ, including copyright.

2. Kelly is forty, so she craves to be sexually attractive to men—nothing wrong with that. I’d like to see some topless photos of her—perhaps done on Fox’s set—lol

LA replies:

Very mature response—you actually want a news analyst to be shown naked, and you don’t see how degenerate this is.

This is exactly the decadent psychology in the male audience that Roger Ailes is playing to and cultivating, in the name of “conservatism.” Thanks for justifying the junk culture.

Jim C. replies:

Sorry, but I have to be honest—news has become entertainment.

Hannon writes:

You may add the YWCA to the list of prominent acronyms that once stood for something. A friend who worked for this outfit assured me they stand for the empowerment of women and “YWCA” is only a brand they use for marketing. As far as I know the YMCA has not taken this fall but I am not certain. I view this maneuver as a paean to abstraction and a denial of cultural identity.

N. writes:

I don’t watch Fox News much because I find their blondes to be annoying. However I’m not surprised to find one of them engaging in light weight porn in a magazine; after all, they are “empowered” women, entitled to do anything they wish to do, and who is to tell them otherwise?

Besides, it might increase ratings, and that’s the business Fox, CNN, MSNBC etc. are in. Not actually providing news.

LA replies:

Well, all commercial broadcast stations are concerned about ratings, so there is nothing new about that. That they are concerned about ratings does not necessarily mean that they are not in the business of providing news. And even the fact that they use lots of jiggly blondes to increase ratings does not necessarily mean that they are not also in the business of providing news. The disturbing reality I’m trying to get at is that they are doing both together—providing news, via jiggly blondes. That’s the perversion that is the essence of Fox, and, to a lesser extent, and with slight variations, of many other news stations as well.

November 22

An Indian living in the West writes:

I find Fox News extremely comical.

When you’re watching CNN or MSNBC, the newsreaders are picked in a way that demonstrates as much “diversity” as possible. It is a political statement for the liberals. The BBC is the same.

Fox’s cast on the other hand is overwhelmingly female and white (and blonde)—they are quite shameless about how they want to get viewers hooked. My guess is that 60 percent or more people who watch Fox News in the US are men.

You should not be surprised that Fox News is doing this—this is totally consistent with Rupert Murdoch’s strategy in building his publishing empire. In Britain he made a killing by turning a number of newspapers into extremely sleazy rags. He owns the Daily Star and The Sun—which carry pictures of naked girls every day.

Murdoch’s news outlets profess journalism of a very low variety. He’s a slimeball (to put not too fine a point on it). Theodore Dalrymple has written many times about how his newspapers have completely destroyed the taste of the reading public in Britain. He also owns the Weekly Standard by the way. Kristol and the other Neocons are his lapdogs.

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