Village Voice says ongoing black-on-white wildings are right-wing fantasy

Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like writes:

An amazing article at The Village Voice showcases hipster, “Stuff White People Like” white people’s views of what is going on nationwide. The title of the piece is “Rightbloggers Warn America of a Non-Existent Black Crime Wave.” How dare white people notice Black Run America! How dare they notice black mobs targetting whites in cities across the country?

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Karl D. writes:

And what about the high level nastiness, intimidation and threats that are an everyday occurrence against whites in “BRA”? Here is a small and personal experience.

My elderly and frail mother was on line at a drug store waiting to make a purchase. In front of her was a large black male with his white trash girlfriend and two mulatto toddlers in a double stroller. He obviously wanted to be anywhere but there. One of the little ones kept picking his nose (as children do) and the father kept smacking his hand and yelling at him to the point of crying. As the line inched along the black guy turns to my mother and screams, “Back up out my m*****f****** space, bitch!” Of course everyone is too terrified to say anything, and the clerks are all black, so no help there.

So, picking on a 105 pound 75 year old woman with a heart condition is just taken as par for the course. This is not a rare occurrence. This type of hostile and threatening behavior takes place everyday against whites and has happened to my mother numerous times. One time back in the 1980s a black guy tried to drag her in between subway cars to do God knows what? My point is that the psychic violence against whites is huge and something often overlooked by almost everyone, because the actual physical violence is quite naturally so horrid to us. I think it would behoove white conservatives to speak more about this type of mental intimidation in BRA. I think it is something that almost every white person can relate to.

Greg W. writes:

I think Mr. Auster said it best when he said that the more violent blacks become, the more racist whites become for noticing. I believe this simple thought will prove prophetic.

LA replies:

It’s not a simple thought. :-)

Greg W. replies:
Haha. Well, what I mean is “terse.”

Alexis Zarkov writes:

My response to Karl D. Are white men now weaklings? In the 1930s, antisemitic gangs were attacking Jews in Bratislava. Imi Lichtenfeld decided to do something about it, and he created the self defense system known as Krav Maga, which means “close combat.” In 1942 he emigrated to Israel and taught his system to the Israel’s fighting men. Today Krav Maga is taught to all all members of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). Lichtenfeld then exported his system, and now Krav Maga is taught to police and military forces all over the world. There are Krav Maga studios and centers all over the U.S. including New York City at 164 West 25th Street. Be clear, Krav Maga is not a martial art. The system enables you to survive a street fight. The training provides good exercise, and builds confidence. My daughter has taken the courses. The advanced versions, supposedly only taught to the armed services, can be quite lethal. Back in 2007, the History Channel ran series called The Human Weapon. One episode was devoted to Krav Maga where two Americans went to Israel and trained with the masters. You can watch an excerpt here. People of all ages and strengths can benefit.

When white people start to fight back, these brutal and humiliating attacks will stop. What choice do we have?

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