Olympics opening ceremony was created by hardline Marxists

As Paul Weston writes at the website of the British Freedom Party, three of the five writers/directors working for the main director Danny Boyle in creating the London Olympics opening ceremony (praised by the Labour Party as “the best advert for the party in years”) are Marxists and Communist sympathizers:

Frank Cottrell Boyce: Scriptwriter for the opening ceremony and a personal friend of Danny Boyle. Cottrell Boyce started his career writing for the far-left magazine Living Marxism which had initially been launched in 1988 as The Journal of the British Revolutionary Communist Party.

Stephen Daldry: Theatre and film director, producer, and three-time Academy Award nominated director; his films include Billy Elliott. Daldry was also a member of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) at Sheffield University in the 1980s, something he has said gave him a “political education”. The SWP describes itself as Anti-Capitalist and Revolutionary.

Catherine Ugwu: Creative Director and theatrical producer. Author of Lets Get It on: The Politics of Black Performance and Enigmas of race, Difference and Desire. Her work is quoted on reading lists centred on Marxism and Black Liberation Theology.

The two remaining assistant directors are Hamish Hamilton, a TV and film expert, and Mark Fisher who was responsible for the sets. Both appear politically impartial and were clearly chosen for their necessary skills only.

Many people around the world noted the overt political and multicultural slant of the opening ceremony. Now we know why.

The British government now needs to answer some serious questions. The Olympics are supposed to be politically impartial. Allowing the opening ceremony to be produced by communist sympathisers and a woman with links to black liberation theology is a political scandal of international proportions.

I would say that once upon a time it would have been such a scandal. But now? The left basically controls everything. What mainstream media organ, political body, or government entity—including the Crown and the David Cameron’s “Conservative” Party—would treat anything that the left does as a major scandal, and make it stick?

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