The big day cometh

Regarding tomorrow’s decision by the Supreme Court on Obamacare, I have no speculations about it, no fears, no hopes, no expectations.

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June 28

James N. writes:

I was up half the night with worry about this—foolish, I suppose. Pelosi rattled me with her repeated prediction of a 6-3 win, she may well be in touch with the loathsome Kagan, but then …

The sun will rise Friday morning, friends will still be friends, the children will keep growing and learning, God’s still in heaven, the garden’s in bloom, and so on.

It would be so easy for the Court to affirm the Affordable Care Act. The entire illegitimate structure of the Administrative State has been untouched by them since 1937. In many ways, the Department of Health and Human Services erected by the law is a logical extension of so many things the Court has already allowed.

The Court has overturned many things since 1947, it’s true. But all of them have been right of the States, or the People. The Court has a vision of the Constitution as a composite—the written document as Torah, its own decisions as Talmud, or, if you prefer, the original as Gospel and its decisions as Acts plus the Epistles plus the Holy Tradition, all pointing towards a progressive Heaven on Earth embodied by the federal government’s executive departments, and eventually, I suppose, a world state.

If they overturn the Act, it will be great—but also somewhat unexpected, at least by me.

Dave T. writes:

I have no expectations either, anything is possible in this mad house. It’s not as if we’re a country constrained by constitutional principles.

Dave T. writes:

Immediately after I sent that last e-mail I checked Drudge and saw that the mandate stands 5-4 with Roberts joining the left. I have to admit, I am disappointed but not surprised.

On second thought, maybe this will be a good thing. Maybe the rulings that have come down this week will help conservatives wake up to the true nature of what this country has become. Nothing like crushed hopes to get the creative juices flowing sometimes.

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