Why opposing political correctness is not enough

An editorial in the Daily Express promises its readers:
[W]e will ignore the sinister constraints of political correctness and continue to highlight the victimisation of the British people by imported criminals, one of the greatest scandals of our age.

Too bad that “ignoring the sinister constraints of political correctness” doesn’t include calling for a reduction of the immigration that is bringing criminals, crime, and intolerable disorder into Britain.

As Jeff in England puts it: “Unbelievable. Someone you invited is burning down your home but you keep inviting him to live there.”

The editors of the Daily Express have thus earned, and I hereby award them, the Melanie Phillips Award for Intellectual Consistency and Courage on Immigration.

However, in defense of the Express, it could be said that they are indeed battling political correctness, meaning the silly or insane excesses of liberalism. It’s just liberalism itself that they decline to oppose. But, since liberalism—meaning the belief in indiscriminate inclusion as the guiding moral principle of society—is itself a most extreme ideology, to oppose only the silly or insane excesses of this extreme ideology hardly suffices, does it?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 22, 2007 01:52 AM | Send

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