The anti-white double standard that we must never accept

For anyone who is still not convinced by the previous blog entry, here is the decisive proof that the position I advocate is morally correct. As I said, most immigration restrictionists run away from the racial aspect of the immigration question. But Hispanic and other minority spokesmen publicly rejoice over the fact that their ethnic/racial groups are becoming a larger and larger proportion of the population—which automatically implies that non-Hispanic whites are becoming a smaller and smaller proportion of the population. So why aren’t the minority promotors racist for seeking to advance their groups at the expense of another group?

We need to address the Hispanic and other non-white groups directly and say:

“Why is your racial agenda (to increase the numbers of nonwhites and diminish white America) moral and admirable, but white America’s racial agenda (to preserve the traditional American culture and nation, including its white majority character) evil and disgusting? In fact, your side is the immoral side, because you have a racially motivated intention to destroy our nation and culture. We don’t seek to destroy anything. We only want to preserve what we are and have always been. And for that you call us evil racists.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 09, 2005 05:32 PM | Send

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