Another poll, this one of British Muslims

The Brits sometimes seem to be outdistancing us in the PC sweepstakes, but it’s hard to imagine a major U.S. newspaper printing something like this: Most UK Muslims oppose war. “Would an attack on Iraq really be an attack on Islam?” “Would you be cheering for the Iraqis?” Not the sort of question our press would ask, who after all view their mission as keeping people from finding out anything about actual Islam.
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We now know that people and moths have at least one gene is common.

“Any Anglo-American attack on Iraq could provoke a strong backlash among members of Britain’s two million-strong Muslim community, according to YouGov’s survey of Muslims for The Telegraph. … If war did break out between Iraq and a US-led coalition, one British Muslim in six is prepared to admit that he or she would be cheering on the Iraqis - in other words, would want Britain and America to lose.”

What kind of mentality must it take to be Jewish, to read that excerpt, and then to turn around and send a check to Abe Foxman so he can lobby to get even more Muslims and other incompatibles to settle here?

What we are witnessing is the gene that makes moths fly into candle flames, but in its human form — a form which must have the exact same nucleotide sequence as in the moth, because clearly it’s the exact same gene.

Posted by: Unadorned on December 9, 2002 6:18 PM

Re Article: Why Jews welcome Muslims


Announced at the 2nd National Congress of Immigration Reform in Farmingville, NY by Joseph Sadowski :

THE PRESIDENT of the United States of America, George W. Bush
and other government officials are being sued for their personal assets
in a Racketeering lawsuit for aiding and encouraging illegal immigration.

This lawsuit filed was first filed in DC September 4th. The information on
the first page of the initial suit can be viewed for verification on the following
URL and Mr. Sadowski encourages anyone to file this lawsuit in their state.


A similar lawsuit was filed in Federal Court Islip, NY against the NY Attorney General,
Elliot spitzer and is pending in federal court

Posted by: chuck on December 10, 2002 9:53 AM
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