Shootings of and by people of indeterminate race in Indianapolis

James P. writes:

I saw a headline about “teens” shot at an Indianapolis’ “St. Patrick’s Day celebration.”

LA interjects:

You mean like this, from the AP and the New York Daily News?

St. Patrick’s Day gunfire: Five hurt in Indianapolis shooting

Gunfire erupted from a car as throngs were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Indianapolis and at least five teenagers were hurt, police said.

The shots rang out from a car Saturday evening near the Downtown Canal on the city’s west side, Indianapolis Public Safety Director Frank Staub said. He told The Indianapolis Star ( ) that the shots sent people rushing at the sound of gunfire and that police stopped the car afterward. But authorities had no immediate report of any arrests.

Police spokeswoman Linda Jackson told the paper that one person was in critical condition and the others were in serious condition at area hospitals. The police sergeant also told the paper that all of the victims ranged in age from their early teens up to about 18, but she didn’t identify them by name.

James P. resumes:

Something told me the people involved were not Irish, but I had to hunt around a bit to confirm my suspicions, at “All the gunshot victims were black, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.” [LA replies: But it doesn’t say that the shooters were black. Maybe they were Irish? After all, this was on St. Patrick’s Day.]

Note also that “Police Chief Paul Ciesielski said he did not believe this was a random shooting.” Further, “Detectives believe the incident was the culmination of a lingering argument between two groups of people.” Translation: this was a gang shooting. Which I guess takes it out of the “prank” category.

Sure took a lot of work to get from “teens shot during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations” to “black gang shooting.” It’s almost like the papers want to obscure the truth, or something. [LA replies: No!]

Indianapolis police helpfully advise local parents to “supervise their children” more closely. Yup, that is definitely the solution to gun-toting 17-year-old black thugs.

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