The only way Western civilization and the white race can be saved

Steven B. writes from Canada:

Re your post on Scotland Yard seeking homosexuals and transgendered persons to guard the Queen:

The Queen (or King) and the royal institutions that they represent are supposed to represent something above politics-as-usual. Instead, they have become a conduit for PC madness.

For example, the role of the Canadian Governor-General is to represent the British Monarchy in Canada. Up until recently, this post was held by British aristocrats (usually with a military background). Although they were not perfect in their role, they at least represented the character of my country.

Now, the selection of Governor-General must rotate between an Anglophone and a Francophone. Furthermore, the position itself is hostile toward white men. The last English-speaking male to become Governor-General left office 15 years ago.

Moreover, the last two GGs have been female and non-white—the very antithesis of what a GG should be. It reminds me of the (female and pregnant) Spanish Minister of Defence (Carme Chacon).

LA replies:

First, it’s a mistake to speak of “PC madness” (see this, this, and especially this). Phrases such as “PC madness,” “PC silliness,” “PC excesses,” all imply that these changes are happening for no good reason, just nuttiness. They blind us to the reality that these things are happening for a reason. The reason is that virtually all contemporary Westerners believe in the modern liberal idea that discrimination is morally wrong. From this it follows that any all-white or majority-white society or institution is discriminating against nonwhites by not including them equally, and, further, that the way to right this wrong is to make that society or institution more and more nonwhite, until it reflects the racial balance of the local, national, or global population.

Describing as “mad PC” the steady imposition of nonwhiteness on formerly white societies leaves people helpless to do anything about it, because they are failing to identify the liberal principle of non-discrimination that is driving it. And the reason they fail to identify that principle is that they themselves subscribe to it—or, at best, they lack any non-liberal principle that is opposed to it. They lack any belief in the truly moral idea that white societies have the right to preserve themselves and must do so. So, instead of fighting against the liberal principle of non-discrimination, which demands that white civilization and the white race commit suicide, they complain about “crazy PC.” Such useless complaining is called “conservatism.”

It’s all really very simple. Given the demographic, economic and other realities of the contemporary world, if a white country doesn’t say that it’s white country and that it wants to remain so, and if it doesn’t have policies reflecting that view and that intention, then it will inevitably become a nonwhite country.

But, as I’ve just pointed out, no one in the West is willing to say such things and to support such policies. Therefore the West is steadily filling up with and being taken over by nonwhites.

We’ve all heard of O’Sullivan’s (or Conquest’s) law, which says that in liberal society any institution not explicitly conservative will become liberal.

Well, here is Auster’s racial corollary of O’Sullivan’s law: In the modern world, any white society not explicitly white will become nonwhite.

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