Guarded by girls

Sec. of Treasury Tim Geithner, partially blocked by his Secret Service
agent, walks down the West Wing Colonnade of the White House
towards the Oval Office to meet with President Obama.

Cindy W. writes:

I saw this picture and caption on the Fox Nation website and it struck me as a little funny. I mean, Geithner is a little guy, yet he appears taller than his “Secret Service” agent. Let’s hope they were ascending some stairs. [LA replies: No stairs. They were walking along the West Wing Colonnade.] And, while she may be brilliant, charming, quick on the draw, and a karate black belt to boot, there something awfully Charlie’s Angels about it. Maybe she’s particularly good with disabling would-be attackers with a ponytail whip.

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James N. writes:

I met a high-level female security official about ten years ago. She commanded a small unit of men who did certain tasks for a certain agency (can’t be more specific).

In the course of my work, I got to know her a bit.

She was very, very fit but what surprised me was that she was stunningly seductive. She had come to me because others had failed to solve her problem, and I got to realize after not too long that she was actually (and I think unconsciously) trying to tell me what to do. We figured out that she was so effective in her field because she was incredibly skilled at getting men to focus on her and also getting men to let their guard down.

There ARE real female warriors. But they are very rare, and of course that’s not who is being selected by Obama.

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