VFR’s prediction about Abercrombie and birth certificate was correct

(Update, January 19: My prediction, which was correct at the time I posted this entry, has now been shown to be at least partially wrong, since Abercrombie did mention the birth certificate issue again in a newspaper interview published January 18. However, he only mentioned it because the reporter asked him about it, so he had to say something, and the information he gave makes it clear that he has been unable to find the birth certificate in the Hawaii government records, though he’s trying to make it appear otherwise. In that sense, my prediction is still substantively true, since Abercrombie said nothing new about the issue after December 29 and only discussed it again, very vaguely, when he was asked by a reporter about it three weeks later.)

Remember Gov. Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii, who in late December made a big splash in the national media when he spoke of his intention to get President Obama’s birth certificate released to the public?

On December 29 I wrote:

Maybe the 71 year old hippie Abercrombie (see also this story) is sincere, and thinks that he can dispel the suspicions about Obama’s natural born citizen status and discredit the birthers by releasing Obama’s birth certificate. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Abercrombie that it is Obama himself who has relentlessly kept his birth certificate concealed over the last several years, and therefore that Obama must have a compelling reason to have done so. So I would expect that Gov. Hippie will soon be receiving a discreet call from the White House telling him to lay off.

It will be most interesting to see how the mainstream media respond when Abercrombie suddenly goes silent on the issue after making such a fuss about his desire to get the truth out. I would expect that by tomorrow or the day after, the name Neil Abercrombie will have disappeared from the MSM.

Yesterday morning I did a Google search for Abercrombie Obama birth certificate. There has been no new news on this story since December 30, exactly as I predicted on December 29. Not only has Abercrombie said nothing further about the birth certificate, the media have not reported that he has said nothing further about it. No mainstream media outlet, liberal or conservative, has asked, “Why did Abercrombie suddenly drop the issue, after making such a big deal about it?” The story has simply disappeared. If this does not prove to you that Obama’s birth certificate is being concealed—concealed with the collusion of the political and media establishment (including establishment conservatives like Richard Lowry who dismiss birthers as extremist whackos), then nothing will.

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January 14

Kilroy M. writes:

I sent the below comment on December 30 in relation to an earlier thread on this topic. Given the way that this issue has been reported and then mysteriously dropped, the question remains relevant. However I’d like to add something. For the political establishment to collude so closely with the media seems unlikely. I understand the hegemonic power of liberalism and (white) liberal self-hatred among the commentariat, which can motivate people in politics and the media to act in concordance, thus creating the impression that some organised agenda exists to, for example, block out a story from the media. But I am disinclined to impute a conspiracy-type phenomena without proof of an actual conspiracy that is more than just circumstantial. Look at how incompetent liberal governments are and how stupid leftist journalists can be; are such people even capable to surgically remove a story from the national debate the way that this particular one has been? I would say no. I think what we’re seeing now is just media laziness. I see this all the time in the media, even on innocuous topics. Some sensation is reported, and then never followed up. The media drops it because some other newsworthy piece takes precedents, like Britney Spears exposing her crotch, or some other pressing matter of immediate concern that sells papers and prolongs a network audience attention. This is the failure of journalism which panders to the lowest common denominator of a mass democratised, pampered and imbecile public.

Here is my December 30 comment:

The fish I smell here isn’t the missing Birth Certificate. Rather, why, if such a Certificate would be incriminating, it has not been replaced with a crafty forgery? After all, with the weight of a compliant media and sympathetic political/cultural establishment, and considering the fraudsters and crims Obama and his ilk have encountered along the way into the political mainstream, the production of such a document would be a rather trivial affair. The risk and efforts would surely be smaller than having to deal with the shenanigans of the status quo. No?

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