Does this look like an American?


Does any normal American, let alone an American politician, let alone an American president, have an expression like that? No. The man in this photograph looks more like some African socialist dictator—the type of leader that Barack Obama Sr. aspired to be. Dreams from my father, indeed.

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Mick writes:

I’m to the right of Genghis Khan. B. Hussain Obama is an enemy and quite capable to do significant damage. He must be respected as dangerous enemy he is. I don’t find him handsome, athletic or a particular good speaker. To me he sounds like a cheap politician and looks like a East African who is well fed.

Having said that, I have no idea why you think The One looks like an African dictator in the picture. In that pic he looks like an executive in a U.S. corporation who clearly regards himself highly. But then all black Affirmative Action execs regard themselves highly. The only difference, this one is obviously East African.

In fact Obama is a dead ringer for a black Affirm Act exec I worked with years ago. While the person was pretty unpleasant and a mediocre performer, nobody thought he resembled African dictator. Just a spoiled American black promoted way beyond his competence.

LA replies:

As always, people’s reactions to faces are very different. To me, the arrogant uplift of the head, the scornful facial expression, is simply not something you would see in an American politician.

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