Unbelievable: Huckabee takes the No-Amnesty Pledge

That’s the No-Amnesty Pledge that Roy Beck of Numbers USA has been trying, unsuccessfully so far, to get GOP candidates to sign. Yesterday, as reported in the Washington Times, Huckabee signed the Pledge at a press conference in South Carolina with Roy Beck present.

Naturally, today’s newspapers being what they are, the Times doesn’t bother quoting the actual Pledge. I assume the Pledge has clear language stating that Huckabee will oppose any effort to give illegal aliens citizenship or legal status, and that it does not provide any wiggle room. Maybe Huckabee’s taking the lead on this will push the other candidates to sign the Pledge as well.

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Mark Jaws writes:

First and foremost, Huckabee is a guilt-ridden, white, Hispandering southerner—the worst possible type to take a hard line on immigration. Becauuse when MALDEF, La Raza, and LULAC will scream, the good ole’ Huckster will surely Sarkhozy down. If he is elected, trust me, he will find some way to circumvent this pledge and find wiggle room—perhaps by defining and creating a new type of status—no longer “in the shadows,” but not quite legal, with no benefits, but no fears of deportation. Of course, the ninos will be full citizens, entitled to all of the benefits.

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