Has Obama lost the Democrats?

In a long article at American Thinker, Thomas Lifson makes a strong and thought-provoking case that key elements of the Democratic Party see Obama as a disaster who is damaging the Party, and that they have therefore turned against him and do not support his re-election. But the article is weakened by its indulgence in fantastic speculation, centering around the idea that there is a plan underfoot to get Obama to withdraw from the 2012 race in favor of Hillary Clinton. This is conservative porn, not serious analysis.

* * *

In connection with which, see the entry from yesterday, “Republican fans smell victory, switch into triumphalist mode.” The speculation spoken of in the previous paragraph is the sort of thing that instantly happens when Republican fans smell victory and switch into triumphalist mode: they start fantasizing that Obama is going to do a Lyndon Johnson and withdraw from the race. Republicans are incapable of intellectual and political seriousness, because at the core of their being they are football fans cheering for their team and whooping it up at the prospect of the defeat of the other team. Their most important organ is not their brain, but their adrenal glands. Think Rush Limbaugh.

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