The worst problem with Chuck Hagel as a possible Secretary of Defense is not that his positions on issues during his time as a senator were consistently wrong, wrong-headed, and cheaply motivated; and it’s not that he’s anti-Israel; it’s that he is actively stupid. His face is Neanderthal-like, his eyes disturbingly void of intelligence. I can only think that if Obama picks him it will be for the same reason that Obama does most of the things he does: he wants to hurt the United States.

See also from VFR A view of Hagel, by someone who worked for him. (Update, Jan. 8, 2012: the unnamed reader who wrote “A view of Hagel” is long-time VFR commenter Spencer Warren; he just gave me his permission to use his name.)

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 06, 2013 07:30 AM | Send

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