Obama’s anti-American foreign policy

Daniel F. writes:

This by Barry Rubin is very good on the perverse nature of Obama’s foreign policy—systematic discarding of US leverage over actors that are nominally “friends” but are actually quite hostile to us (Egypt, Pakistan, the Assad regime (pre-revolt), the Palestinian Authority—Russia and Turkey could be added to the list). Meanwhile, genuine friends (Israel, Eastern European countries, even the Obama-idolizing UK) are treated with unconcealed hostility and contempt. Rubin seems to attribute this to incompetence. While Kerry may be stupid enough to believe that this kind of self-abnegation is in the country’s interest, I believe that Obama knows exactly what he’s doing—he believes that he’s saving the world from the greatest monster since Nazi Germany—the pre-Obama United States of America.

The country seems to be going through some sort of mass psychosis. If I were 10 years younger, I would be thinking about moving somewhere else. There is craziness everywhere in the West, but a few countries may not be facing utter economic and demographic ruin as crazily as we are.

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Hannon writes:

Your commenter said, “The country seems to be going through some sort of mass psychosis.” I think a lot of people currently feel something like this. My best guess is that the strains of a successful liberal transition, or revolution are, by their self-contradicting nature, starting to tear the collective mental fabric. In an “anything goes” society, everything will “go” once the rejection of common morality coincides with permanent economic loss. We don’t seem to be in a good position to weather such a Perfect Storm.

Traditionalists view the past as the early chapters of a book that is still being written, while progressives reject paper and ink altogether. Escapism always fails.

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