In Chicago, near Wrigley Field, a black man grabs a white pedestrian from behind and slashes his throat

The victim, Michael Schmidt, received 40 stitches. He is lucky to be alive and not to be hurt much worse. He says the attacker looked stunned when he, Schmidt, remained standing after the slashing and didn’t fall down dead.

Here is a pretty complete account from CBS local in Chicago. Here is another account from NBC in Chicago. There are photos of Schmidt and a drawing of the attacker, who is described as an African-American male.

Now let’s see if the Chicago Tribune, in light of editor and columnist Steve Chapman’s infamous guidelines making it almost impossible for race to be mentioned in relation to a cross-racial crime , considers the perpetrator’s and the victim’s race a relevant aspect of this crime.

This crime also raises a difficult question. What rational precaution, what John Derbyshire item 10(q) or 10(z) or 10(aaa), can protect white people from such attacks?

Will this do it?

10(z) Do not reside in any city known for unprovoked black-on-white violence.

That’s a pretty tall order. To paraphrase a question his disciples asked Jesus when he gave a pretty tall order (Mark 10:25-26), Who then can be safe?

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