Why we can have confidence that Romney will repeal Obamacare

Clark Coleman writes:

I argued in a previous entry (“Why I Will Vote for Romney”) that conservative voters are far too cynical if they think that Romney will not repeal Obamacare. In addition to the ease of granting waivers to states, which I discussed, it seems that Romney has made repeal a centerpiece of his advertising and fundraising, which pretty strongly commits him to repeal. See the online banner ad attached. I also think that he understands the negative effect on job creation, and he has to make big progress on the economy in his first term. That is the centerpiece of his campaign, and the economy and the effects of regulation are his area of expertise.


LA replies:

But what about the Senate? People are saying it looks as though the Dems will keep the Senate. What then happens to repeal of O’care?

Clark Coleman replies:

Then Romney will grant waivers to every state that applies for them. In most states, that only requires an application by the attorney general of that state. We already know that more than twenty-five of the fifty states sued to overturn Obamacare in the courts. The same attorneys general who sued can be expected to apply for waivers. Also, any corporation could apply for a waiver, the same way that labor unions and Friends of Pelosi were applying (and receiving) waivers. A huge number of waivers would sink Obamacare. It would be terrifically unpopular and impractical to try to hang onto it in a minority of states, which also had numerous employers who had been exempted from it.

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