The latest in the wave of Ku Klux Klan terrorist arrests

Daniel S. writes:

Did you not hear of the white supremacist arrested today for trying to export nuclear technology to anti-American entities? Oh wait, that was a Pakistani Muslim charged today in Maryland for attempting to smuggle nuclear technology back to his native country. He must have been radicalized by Rep. Peter King and his hearings in “homegrown” Islamic radicalism.

LA replies:

Ahh, but you’re forgetting Rep. Al Green’s point to Washington Times reporter Kerry Picket yesterday. The KKK doesn’t have to be committing terrorist crimes now, or even during our lifetimes, to warrant being investigated along with Muslim extremists. According to Green, KKK crimes committed in the distant past should have been the subject matter of the King hearings. Further, according to Green’s repeated insinuations, if Picket disagrees with that notion, then she is a defender of the KKK.

Here is the opening part of their exchange:

KERRY PICKET: It’s been reported that of all the 126 terror indictments all of have been Muslim. Do you think that should be considered in this particular hearing?

REP. Al GREEN:I think that all criminals should be prosecuted. I think that all terrorists should be investigated which is why I said we ought to investigate all of them and that would include the KKK. Over a hundred years of terrorism why not investigate them too. They are rooted in a religion as well. Check their website out. You’ll see.

KP: Congressman King said they haven’t caused as many problems and …

REP. GREEN:Well ask the men who have been castrated whether they caused a problem. Ask the men who were lynched whether they caused a problem.

KP:When did that happen recently, sir?

REP. GREEN: Does it have to happen recently, and they are still existing for us to investigate them?

If you never had to live with a cross burning, you don’t appreciate what a cross burning can do in terms of terrorizing people. My suspicion is, based on what you’re saying to me, that I should say to you, I hope you won’t defend the KKK.

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