Britain a Third-World country

Paul Weston writes at Gates of Vienna about Muhammad Sarwar who has two remarkable distinctions: he is the first Muslim member of the British Parliament, and he is the first member of Parliament to step down from Parliament because of threats to his life, which came from friends of Muslims in Britain who committed a horrific racial murder of a 15 year old Scots boy.

When Britain, a First World country, loses a democratically-elected politician because he fears for his life, we are entering a wholly new era. Britain is now an Iraq, a Zimbabwe.

We are becoming, in political terms, a genuine Third World country…

Many political commentators believe that Britain is dead, Lawrence Auster in particular, but Mr. Auster also thinks it can be resurrected. If this is to happen it must happen soon.

Our national heart has ceased to beat….

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 26, 2007 08:35 PM | Send

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