Europe’s minority problem compared to ours

Richard W. writes:

To answer Dean Ericson’s question, “Shouldn’t we also speak the truth about the evil ideology that is called liberalism, the evil ideology that drives the multicultural elites to wage total war on their own populations?”

Yes, we must. Here in the USA this connection is even more critical, and our job is much harder, than in Europe.

Europe’s main influx of immigrants are Muslims. They are already a large percent of the population, and they are clearly a threat. Not only do they regularly blow up innocent people in the name of their religion, but they have leaders who are quite outspoken in promoting things like veils, polygamy and sharia law.

They have made themselves a perfectly obvious and legitimate target with their outrageous behavior over the last 20 years. Now even mainstream politicians like David Cameron are beginning to feel that it is permissible to speak out against, at least their ideology, if not their persons.

There is some hope that in the European context this might eventually connect back to the left-liberal ideas, policies, and politicians who permitted the influx, but this is not certain.

In the USA we don’t have the same easy-to-identify alien presence that Europe has. While some would agree we have too many Muslims here, that is based on their terrorist connections. What most people experience vis-a-vis Muslims is they are not even that large a minority population, in our context. Many cities have more blacks, Hispanics, and perhaps Vietnamese, Chinese, Hmong or other ethnic groups than obvious Muslims. Excepting Dearborn, Michigan and a few other odd small cities here and there they aren’t even in third place as “biggest minority.”

Nor can Muslims in America really be said to be our “most troublesome minority.” This category is long held by blacks and now in some cases being challenged by Hispanics, who excel at gang-banging, petty crime, drunken driving, sex crimes and other forms of criminal enterprise that only a small percent of Muslims in America appear to be involved in. Pakistanis may run many motels in America, blacks and Hispanics are still the people who rob them.

The liberals engineering the destruction of our American society are making use of blacks and Hispanics as the wrecking balls, the Muslims are a sideshow.

These groups are far harder to oppose on a political and social level than Muslims.

Blacks obviously have a long history as part of America, including their time as slaves—the original sin of America that whites are indoctrinated to believe we must atone for continuously. As a result, and except for the tiny right-wing fringe, few would deny or contest the rights of blacks to a place in our nation moving forward.

Because of these factors, the simpler solutions that may still be available to Europe, such as encouraging or insisting that unhappy North Africans and South Asians return home, have no currency or logical equivalent here, when applied to blacks.

The liberals, operating in bad faith as always, seeing a permanent minority here, have shamelessly set out to marginalize them, dehumanize them, and alienate them from the larger society. This mechanism has successfully encouraged each generation of blacks to view themselves as: more discriminated against, more unhappy, more victimized, less in control of their own destiny, and more in need of the federal government’s help and protection—than the previous generation. The liberal media elite is more than happy to help this story line along.

This cynical yet successful has had devastating effects on America, but has also allowed the Democratic party, and particularly the coastal elite wing of it, to retain power far beyond what their idiotic policies should have earned them.

The Hispanic invasion is a bit easier to resist on cultural grounds: they do after all speak a different language and have many cultural norms that we find unattractive. But the liberals have created a largely mythological pseudo-history to try to tie the Hispanic experience to the black experience, and create an equivalence between some mythic past “theft” of Mexican lands, or mass dispossession and discrimination, to justify treating Hispanics as similar to blacks. To date this false history seems to be successful. “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us” in the words of last summers popular film “Machete.”

Our task in opposing our society’s destruction is much harder, due to the real and perceived history of these two groups. We are unlikely to gain as much traction in opposing our minorities as the Europeans can in opposing Muslims. Thus while groups like the EDL may gain a lot of momentum and support, and even mainstream politicians may move towards their positions in Europe, no similar group focused on blacks and Hispanics can expect such success here. Nor can a group focused on the Muslim threat achieve as much traction in the USA as in Europe, for the simple reason that they just aren’t that big a group here. I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of Americans go for months at a time without seeing any Muslims except on TV.

For us, then, in America, the only likely successful route to effecting change is to oppose the liberal ideology first and foremost, gently stepping around the minority land mines all around. The good news is that the Tea Party groups seem instinctively to understand this, and are attacking the correct targets, or at least not going after the obvious traps and decoys that have been laid out for us.

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John McNeil writes:

Richard W., why do you think that the Tea Party offers any hope for our cause? If you consider liberalism to be the main target, wouldn’t you think that joining the Tea Party would be problematic, since they ignore the ethnic problems that obviously bother you? How can you fight liberalism if you have to yield to one of their most powerful conquests: the silencing of racial dialogue in America (unless the dialogue involves bashing whites)?

I have an alternative proposal. You speak of American minorities as being a problem for some sort of ethnic movement, because they are not engaging in open warfare and terrorist attacks against whites. I don’t see this as being an issue. We don’t need resentment and fear to be our arguments for some sort of white American movement. We shouldn’t have to. If we white Americans are a real people, and not just an arbitrary categorization on a census form, then really, the behaviors of minority groups are irrelevant. If we are something worth preserving, then we don’t need to say anything about them. We can simply defend our right to exist, and resist the liberal/neocon planned global melting pot that they envision for this country.

Identity for white Americans is a big problem. I would argue that white American extreme individualism is the real obstacle, not blacks or Hispanics. We can start to turn the tide against our own destruction by simply working to undo the negative social effects within our own culture and society: the corporate backstabbing, the shallow materialism, the looking-out-for-number-1 mentality. Promote our own identity. Avoid bad-mouthing minorities. Even show mutual respect for them. Be secure in who we are. Build bridges with follow white Americans.

Europeans are starting to do that, and I don’t see why we white Americans can’t do the same.

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