A theory of Petraeus’s retirement

Kristor writes:

My wife points out that Petraeus was outed by the FBI, who “stumbled across” evidence of the affair while investigating a computer security problem. Meaning they hacked Petraeus’ email account and read through the archives looking for dirt, which was then used to destroy Petraeus after he and CIA refused to go along with the Benghazi coverup, and to discredit any testimony he might ever give on the matter. No doubt his coterie at CIA have all somehow been likewise neutered. And Holder—who supervises the FBI—will now retire, so that any role he might have played in this will henceforth be a dead letter. Same for Hillary.

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Ric writes:

Kristor’s premise is incorrect. The CIA, rather than the FBI, was responsible for the general’s security clearance and thus knew from the time of the his nomination that he was compromised. Since he knew and the CIA knew, the only individual in a position to blackmail the general was the president.

Clearly, when the former general and then-director of the CIA testified before Congress on September 14 that the Libyan attacks were a protest that got out of hand, rather than an organized military assault by jihadists, this supposed man of integrity was propagating the cover story that all the President’s men and women were promoting in cooperation with the media.

LA replies:

I didn’t know that Petraeus had backed up the lie about attack. My impression was that the CIA had somewhat dissociated itself from the White House progaganda line.

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