On living among blacks

A female reader, KP, writes:

Here is my answer to your question, “Given the realities of black violence, how should whites conduct themselves?”

Blacks are a danger to society. Get the hell away from them, or, if that is not possible, get a firearm to protect yourself.

Brian J. and I probably live in the same neighborhood in Indianapolis. All of my gentrifying white neighbors have recently experienced black violence, and we do have territorial and violent black male gang members roaming the streets at all times. My husband and I recently obtained our conceal carry permits and pistols, joined the NRA and the local gun range, and have both completed the basic firearms course. We attend the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife show every time it comes to the State Fairgrounds. We keep our pistols at bedside every night, and I carry when I am at home with the children and my husband is at work. We have lived here for 10 years now, and the black thugs are very brazen. They supplement their welfare benefits by selling stolen goods and drugs; operating unlicensed home daycare for children, the mentally ill, and the elderly; general hustling; or prostitution. They steal lawn furniture, plants, bird baths, cars, gutters, and anything else they can get their hands on. In a black ghetto, everything must be locked, secured, and well-lit at night. I have alarms on my ground floor windows and locking security doors. If it is not locked down, they will take it.

Blacks have a strong “no snitch” policy and it is difficult for the police to solve crimes here because no one talks and because of the strong anti-police sentiment. They are all related, either cousins or old school mates and they look out for each other. I have felt that I could easily be the next George Zimmerman. I act in my neighborhood watch program, and call 911 at least three times per week. My actions and calls to IMPD have also led to several arrests, drug busts, and warrants served. I am becoming very weary of all of this and want to leave. Last week, a black male teen was dragging a screaming black female by her hair down the street in front of my house at 2 a.m. He punched her in the face several times, choked her, then kicked her repeatedly while she was down. This is normal behavior for ghetto blacks. They also roam the streets and the alleys in the cover of night when everyone is sleeping, talking loudly and horse playing. I saw the beaten black girl on a porch the next day wearing the same clothes from the night before. I remembered her bright pink shirt. I have not seen her since, she was only “staying” at a rental property a few doors down from me, where other transient welfare women, their small children, and boyfriends come and go with their belongings in black trash bags.

We once had concrete blocks thrown through our windows for calling the police on a black neighbor’s evening party, which became a disturbance once they started lighting explosives and playing loud rap. After that incident, we purchased firearms. My good friends—who are white, and who purchased the house we sold to move here, also in this neighborhood about a half mile away—recently had their back door kicked in and $7,000 worth of electronics and property stolen while they were at work. I can think of eight other burglaries just last year. While the good whites are out working for a living, the blacks are looting their homes. My friends have a “For Sale” sign in their yard now. I hope that Brian J. finds the resources to move to a better place. I am sending my support his way.

KP continues:

I failed to mention in my last email that there are no longer “safe” places for whites in this country. Whites may feel safe, but they are not, and their delusions will soon be shattered. We all have to deal with angry, incompetent blacks in service positions in government, schools, stores, libraries, and many others. Blacks target white tourists in all large cities.

Any black with a section-8 voucher can hook up with any landlord with a direct deposit account and destroy ANY neighborhood. If the black is a female, she can also invite her boyfriends and his drug dealing friends to sleep on the sofa indefinitely (and they do). I know people who are doing just this in nice, white utopias outside of town. The judgment should go to the local government, which allows blacks to take over, loot, and destroy entire neighborhoods and historic districts for their own. Who will fight for us? When will white flight end? What are we made of?

I am happy to be one who can see and is able to take action, rather than one who is still telling himself lies about race and an integrated society. Thank you for all you do.

April 2

Brian J. writes:

I recently bought a slightly nicer little grill to replace a cheapie I bought last summer that never worked quite right. I couldn’t tell you why, but for some reason I resisted securing it to a pipe with a lock. It lasted three days before one of the local “diversities” made off with it.

In her response to me KP wrote:

They steal lawn furniture, plants, bird baths, cars, gutters, and anything else they can get their hands on. In a black ghetto, everything must be locked, secured, and well-lit at night.

As a race realist I know this in my bones, yet, inexplicably, I didn’t secure my new grill. I can’t explain it, I wish I could, I think part of it might simply be that I just can’t quite get all the way there mentally. Perhaps I’m incapable of understanding what it truly means to live among blacks. And if that is true of me, a person who “sees,” to use Paul Kersey’s phrase, then how can white people survive?

April 3

Dean Ericson replies:

Not locking up is traditional white society’s natural mode. Think of all the American white communities, in times past, where nobody even thought to lock the front door. It was an evil thing to give that up for the depredations of “diversity.”

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