The excuse-makers

Kyle-Anne Shiver at Pajamas Media lists “the five most catastrophic hidden costs of the Obama presidency.” Among them is:

President Obama’s pass-the-buck, blame-it-on-the-other-guy, it-was-just-bad-luck performance as a no-account “leader” sends a horrible message to our youth….

… From IBD’s list of already-worn-very-thin Obama excuses we remember the blame targets: 24/7 Bush did it—all of it; ATMs steal jobs; Republicans stole the cookies; businesses that “sit on piles of cash” and refuse to hire are the bad guys; “splintered” media not totally under Obama’s control confuses people. And, finally, last week, the fallback excuse of no-accounts throughout the ages: “a run of bad luck.”

The catalogue of Obama’s relentless blame-the-other-guy excuses reminded me of this, from yesterday’s New York Times:

In the Strauss-Kahn case, the official said, prosecutors came to believe that Ms. Diallo seemed unwilling to take responsibility for telling the truth.

“We deal with witnesses with these kinds of problems every day,” the official said. “With her, we had to drag the details of the lies out of her over weeks. It might have been different if she had let all the air out in a day or two. Every time she was confronted with her lies, she would blame someone else—someone told her to say this for asylum, someone else took advantage of her bank accounts, someone else did the taxes.”

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Paul K. writes:

Speaking of blame-shifting, someone sent me this comment about yesterday’s East Coast earthquake:

Obama has just announced that the DC earthquake occurred on a little-known fault line, commonly called “Bush’s Fault.”

(Others have claimed that the East Coast did not experience an earthquake, the federal debt report just fell off the president’s desk. Another theory is that the Founding Fathers have begun spinning in their graves.)

LA replies:

There were some other good ones like this in yesterday’s thread on the earthquake.

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