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Newt Gingrich, of whom I have repeatedly said that he is at best a worthless gasbag and at worst a techno-utopian globalist ideologue whom for some sick reason various “conservatives” consider a “conservative,” even the best “conservative” prospect for the presidency, has outdone himself. This famous “conservative thinker” has launched a website called The Americano, a Bilingual Site for American Hispanics. I guess the idea is that he’s looking to organize “conservative” Hispanics—you know, those “conservative” Hispanics who speak Spanish half the time and who tell you that if you don’t support the legalization of all Hispanic illegal aliens you’re a racist.

As has been said here before, the Busheron/McCain/Gingrich Republicans are more egregious than any Democrat in their tireless obsession with Hispanicizing the U.S.

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Allan Wall writes:

Regarding Gingrich’s “Americano” website, when will Republicans learn? If Bush and McCain couldn’t win the hearts of the masses of Hispanics, how does Gingrich expect to? Even in Mexico, the Democratic party is more popular than the GOP. We’re just importing Democratic voters.

Besides, in Spanish, “Americano” doesn’t refer to a citizen of the U.S.A., it refers to any resident of the Western Hemisphere! Open border activists are taking advantage of the confusion over this term to make the U.S. an appendage of Latin America. (See my article, “Is it wrong for us to call ourselves Americans?”)

LA replies:

It seems to me that there are two possibilities: The first is that Gingrich is indeed hoping by means of this website to win Hispanic voters to the GOP, which, if that is the case, shows that he’s ineducable. Even McCain, the ultimo stupido and die-hard devotee of open borders (and celebrator of the Hispanic “blood” that is enriching us), started to have the light dawn on him when he got a big 31 percent of the Hispanic vote.

The second possibility is that Gingrich is not particularity concerned about winning Hispanic voters to the GOP, but rather is simply expressing his genuine support for the Hispanicization of the U.S.

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