Diversity—the dream and the reality

James P. writes:

Just think, the children of tragically too-white St. Albert, Alberta, are missing out on the joys of diversity that their cousins in Johannesburg are experiencing, such as having their fathers shot and their mothers raped and murdered. The Canadian children have been denied the opportunity to see such atrocities before they are drowned in the bathtub by black intruders. What impoverished lives those unfortunate Canadians lead!

LA replies:

James should find the e-mail address of Dee-Ann Schwanke of St. Albert, Alberta, and send her the Daily Mail article about the murder of the Johannesburg family, along with his comment.

Update: A reader has sent Dee-Ann Schwanke’s e-mail address, and I’ve forwarded it to James, in case he feels like following up on my suggestion.

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July 28

Mike B. writes:

I have no doubt you’ve read this before, but on the off-hand chance you haven’t:

A Warning for America from South Africa
By Gemma Meyer
Middle American News, August 2000

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