Norquist Republicans and Bush Republicans

From a small e-mail list I participate in, here are some thoughts on the evil Grover Norquist, who, it turns out, is not only an ally and lobbyist for America’s Islamist arch-enemies, but has himself converted to Islam, and the president at whose White House Norquist is always welcome (unlike Tom Tancredo, who was told by Karl Rove never to come to the White House again):


And this lunatic, who probably did more to compromise American security than anyone else since Alger Hiss, is a welcome guest at the White House and one of the leaders of the modern conservative movement.

I remember how actively the Bush campaign reached out to Muslims in 2000.

What’s next, an outreach to Santeria practicers? I wouldn’t be surprised to see the following headline in a few years: “The President visited a Santeria center in southern Florida where he took part in the sacrifice of ten chickens and 2 goats. He stated that Santeria is a ‘peaceful religion’ and that Santeria practicers are ‘an integral part of the American nation’. At the conclusion of the visit, the President was given a small statue of Baron Samedi as a gift.”


Bush Republicans fundamentally think religion is either a puzzling superstition that people oddly enough are attached to, or this nice suburban Christian-cracker cult designed to keep their sons polite and their daughters virgins until they’re married. Either way, they think it’s fundamentally unserious and that the serious business of government is making money and getting nice big houses and it’s just a bit weird that anybody is foolish enough to waste time with anything else.

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