To whites he is a dictator, to nonwhites he is Obowma

James P. writes:

In this picture Obama is wagging his finger at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who looks like a whipped schoolboy being lectured:


And at the same summit, Obama is bowing to Chinese leader Hu Jintao:


What a contrast in body language! To white, traditional democratic allies of the U.S., he is aggressive and hectoring. To non-white, non-democratic former (and in truth, current) enemies, he is groveling and submissive.

LA replies:

While his bow to Hu is not as deep as his bows to the Saudi monarch and the Japanese emperor, it is still undeniably a bow, and still unlike anything seen in any previous U.S. president. Also, with Hu standing upright while Obama bows to him, Hu looks like a king receiving the obeissances of a subject.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 14, 2010 11:57 AM | Send

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