Another jewel in Mel Gibson’s crown

The actress Winona Ryder, who is half Jewish (she was born Winona Horowitz), tells GQ that 15 years ago at a Hollywood party Mel Gibson, on finding that she was Jewish, called her an “oven-dodger.”

In 2006, when he was arrested for drunken driving, Gibson blurted out to the police that “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Which makes me think—perhaps the patriarch of the Catholic Melkite Greek Church, Gregory III Laham, was inspired by Gibson when he stated that a “Zionist conspiracy against Islam” was behind al Qaeda’s hostage taking at a Catholic church in Baghdad last month in which 58 parishioners were killed. After all, if the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world, then the Jews had to be responsible for al Qaeda’s Holy War raid on a Christian church. The Jews either forced or manipulated al Qaeda into seizing the church and killing the people. How the Jews did this, I would like to know, but the patriarch left out that part.

It’s like when Hillary Clinton told Matt Lauer on the Today program in 1998 that a “vast right wing conspiracy” was behind the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Lauer didn’t bother asking Mrs. Clinton, “What does this conspiracy consist of? Was Monica Lewinsky an agent of this conspiracy? Did conservatives assign her to get herself into the White House as an intern and then initiate an intimate relationship with the president?” If Lauer had acted like a reporter and asked Mrs. Clinton such questions, the “vast right wing conspiracy” charge would have been dissolved at the start and we never would have heard of it again.

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