Liberalism—saved again?

Just as there was developing, for the first time, a mainstream recognition of the continuing black-on-white mob violence throughout America, there has been a white-on-black racial murder in Jackson, Mississippi. According to the district attorney, two carloads of white teen-agers picked out a man because he was black, beat him, and then drove over him in their truck, killing him instantly. The entire incident was captured on a security camera.

The vile murder of James Craig Anderson—one murder—will have the effect both of justifying general black-on-white violence in the minds of blacks and liberals, and of suppressing what had been the growing awareness of it among whites. Indeed, based on the template of the Breivik affair, we shouldn’t be surprised if liberals say that the murder of James Anderson was nourished and inspired by Matt Drudge, because he linked many mainstream news stories about black mob violence against whites, and thus drove those white teenagers in Mississippi to kill a black man.

But, just as the Islam threat persists, and therefore opposition to that threat will and must continue notwithstanding the attempt by liberals to use Anders Breivik’s mass murders to cow the anti-Islamization movement, in the same way the city-by-city wave of black racial violence against whites in this country persists, and therefore the truth about it must and will continue to be spoken, notwithstanding what happened in Mississippi and what the liberals will make of it.

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Max P. writes:

As you know Salon wrote an attack piece on Drudge earlier this summer for linking so many stories about black on white crime; I am sure they will be even more upset about his Wisconsin State Fair links this past weekend. In their attack, they basically stated that black on white crime is a figment of conservatives’ imagination, because FBI crime statistics show that violent crime has fallen sharply and is near historical lows. They write:

“In an era when urban white flight is reversing and violent crime is at record lows across the nation, this world of race riots and constant violent attacks on innocent Caucasians exists only in the imaginations of Matt Drudge and the paranoid suburban and exurban white people he wants to keep terrified. Stoking those racial fears goes beyond cynical political point-scoring. To devote so much energy to attempting to make whites terrified of blacks is just vile.”

So in response to liberals over this racial murder in Mississippi, I’d say that this is just an isolated, tragic, random act of violence that does not represent any trend in the country. After all, FBI crime statistics show the levels of violent crime to be at historical lows.

Patrick H. writes:

I would just point out a couple of things about the CNN story on the apparently racial murder in Mississippi. First, nowhere is there the radical skepticism concerning the whites’ racial motivation which we find when the roles are reversed. Second, no “wrong place, wrong time” language from the authorities. Third, the murder gets national coverage, and not just national coverage, but it’s the lead story on CNN online. I’m starting to think there is some bias in the media. Thank you.

Patrick H. writes:

An additional point on differential coverage. Should not the report have simply indicated that a group of “youths” or “teens” had engaged in this act? Why was it necessary to identify the race of these young white men?

Robert B. writes:

CNN was not reporting news—it made a movie about those racist white southerners. That video segment was incredible and everyone who worked on it must have been on overtime. Pathetic that no such movie was made about Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.—not to mention the millions of other whites who have been the targets of black racial anger over the last 45 years.

Here’s an old article from 1995 on the then accumulated crime statistics:

Justice Department Statistics About Black On White Race Violence
The Race War Of Black Against White’ by Paul Sheehan
The Sydney Morning Herald , Australia, May 20, 1995

David B. writes:

SBPDL reports that the James Craig Anderson murder is a month old story. Paul Kersey’s opinion is that CNN has been saving it for a time like this.

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