Fawning Becomes Cameron

Nothing David Cameron does of a leftist nature can surprise me (which does not mean that it does not disgust me), because from the moment he became Conservative party leader in 2005 it was entirely clear to anyone with half a brain what he is: a left-leaning PR man, whose mission it is, under the transparent guise of “conservatism,” to turn the Conservative party into a squishy leftist party, and to complete the explicitly declared project of his spiritual older brother Tony Blair, of “sweeping aside all those forces of conservatism.” From his statement supporting Islamist Turkey and attacking Israel for defending itself shortly after he became prime minister in 2010, to his failure to reduce immigration notwithstanding his apparent pledges to do so, to his government’s recent siding against two women seeking the right to wear the Christian cross at their place of work, everything he has done as prime minister has confirmed his leftism.

However, his extravagant praise for the leftist president of the United States during his recent three-day visit to this country, as discussed by Tony Harnden at the Daily Mail, represents a new low of sorts. The climax came at the state dinner held in Cameron’s honor, where he effused that Obama has “pressed the reset button on the moral authority of the entire free world.” As Robert Winnett writes in The Telegraph (the column contains video snippets of Cameron’s toast to Obama), Cameron during this U.S. trip has essentially married himself to Obama, and the Tory party to the Democrats. As a commenter at Lucianne.com writes, “UK Conservative politicians are about equal to the liberal Democrats in the USA.” Meanwhile, Telegraph columnist Janet Daley admits that she can’t explain the Cameron-Obama love-fest.

And by the way, why does Daley post such a disturbed-looking photo of herself with her column? Does she think it will make people want to read her?


It is one thing to recoil in disgust at the sight of David Cameron, but Daley looks as though she is recoiling in disgust at the sight of the universe.

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Timothy A. writes:

The articles linked in your item are bad enough, but they don’t address a Reuters report which I thought was mind-boggling. The story reported that Obama and Cameron had agreed to release oil from their strategic petroleum reserves in order to stop a U.S. economic slowdown before the presidential election. In other words, direct action by a foreign government (in the person of Cameron) to influence a U.S. presidential election.

If I was the Republican presidential front runner, I might be tempted to start publicly musing on the time table for the UK to turn over the Islas Malvinas to Argentina.

Howard Sutherland writes:

Another eloquent post about that debased and despicable traitor to all that he purports to represent, David Cameron. As I have watched Cameron preside over his jury-rigged, leftward-listing shambles of a coalition government, I have come to realise that calling him the heir-of-Blair, as Gerald Warner likes to do, does not do Cameron’s perfidy justice.

Tony Blair, with respect to whom I yield to no-one in my contempt, plays a straight game compared to Cameron. (Which is a very long way from saying that Blair plays a straight game; please don’t misunderstand me.)

Blair may have liked to use the phrase “New Labour” when speaking of his party, but he never pretended not to be Labour, and in Great Britain Labour from its formative years has been the acknowledged leading party of the left. Cameron clings to the Conservative Party affiliation, and uses his skin-deep commitment to the Tories as a smoke screen to hide (not very successfully, fortunately) his leftism. Cameron is a greater liar than Blair or Gordon Brown, and that indeed takes some doing.

Blair and Gordon are traitors to their country, but at least they weren’t traitors to their party. Cameron betrays his country and his party on a daily basis. He is worse than they.

In an open letter to Cameron posted at Gates of Vienna, Paul Weston takes Cameron to task for “Our Dave’s” complicity in introducing Sharia and all it threatens into the fabric of British life, castigates him for his government’s support of the position that British subjects have no right to wear modest crosses at work and his fervid support for “gay marriage,” and does not shy away from calling Cameron what he is: a traitor, and a leading member of a traitor class committed to destroying their countrymen’s lives. It is a good letter, and true, and we may be sure David Cameron will never read it. But others will.

LA writes:

By the way, for those who are interested in such things, the title of this entry is pun on the Eugene O’Neill play, “Mourning Becomes Electra.”

Timothy A. writes:

So Cameron’s Tories [see the L-dotter’s comment above] are basically equivalent to Obama’s Democrats. And David Frum says that in order to beat Obama’s Democrats, Republicans need to emulate Cameron’s Tories. So the wisdom of Frum is that in order to beat Obama’s Democrats, Republicans need to become Obama’s Democrats. Brilliant!

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