A touching anecdote about Ronald Reagan on his 99th birthday.

Here are VFR’s reflections on Reagan at the time of his passing in 2004. Among them is “Reagan’s spiritual apprehension of Communism.”

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February 7

Anthony Damato writes:

I wanted to comment on your post on President Reagan, which you penned in 2004. In reading it I wanted to let you know that the character of your high quality writing, or what today is ingloriously called “blogging,” is totally consistent with what you produce today. Your technical skills, that is, your almost always perfect style, is nearly matched by your always keen intellectual powers, and crystal clear logic (I hate appearing pandering).

About President Reagan, I miss him. I was very much influenced by his presidency. I always loved his presence, his speeches, and his great ability to convey his deep concern for the well being of all that was good and pure about America, while at the same time using our military when it was both necessary, and practical. I say “practical,” because a part of me wished he would have pummeled Lebanon when 243 of our Marines were killed in their sleep in 1983. But I understand now the nature of those killers who did this that act, Mohammedan believers, so I can say now that his decision to withdraw from Lebanon was the only logical choice in a Muslim infiltrated society. About amnesty, I think he thought it right, and a solution that would reset the immigraton crisis at point zero. But how could he have gauged the inroads the Marxist inspired multicultural scheme would have had in achieving the exact opposite of his desired intention? That is, the force of a vast portion of our nation believing in NOT supporting national identity?

LA replies:

Thank you very much.

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