CNN works full-time keeping white racism myth alive

Paul, the author of Stuff Black People Don’t Like, writes:

Black History Month 2011 is over. Black Fictional Hero Month is not.

CNN is airing a documentary on the Rodney King beating on March 4th entitled Race and Rage. Why now?

Think about this: CNN has aired multiple Black in America programs, Katrina Five Years Later, Almighty Debt: a Black in America Special, and will now air a documentary on a habitual criminal who failed to cooperate with the police and was properly beaten for his transgression.

All of these documentaries lay the blame for black failure, poor credit scores, and high rates of black incarceration in every direction but the primary one: black people.

CNN absolves black people from any failure and instead blames white people for the miserable plight of blacks nationwide.[cont.]

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Karl D. writes:

It gets better. I was in a cafe yesterday around lunchtime, and a table of about four white women in their late forties to early fifties were at the adjoining table complaining to each other about the lack of blacks at the Academy Awards. They started counting off the number of blacks who were present and came to a figure of four or five. The consensus was that there should have been even more and the fact that there were no black films or black actors nominated for any Oscars (I guess nominations should now be put forth for nonexistent films?) proved that Hollywood is still deep down a “racist town.” Not wanting to leave without putting my two cents in, I told the ladies that there was also a noticeable absence of Hispanics and especially Asians. They all readily agreed. Ugh. They can’t even tell sarcasm when they see it. The only thing worse than liberal men is a group of white, self righteous, non-profit-working liberal hens.

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