Pipes on the Third-World invasion threatening the West

Daniel Pipes—whom I haven’t discussed here since he made it clear he wasn’t budging from his indefensible position that historical Islam was not jihadist—is now sounding like Jean Raspail in The Camp of the Saints. In a FrontPage article entitled “Europe under Siege,” he describes a criminal ring that reportedly smuggled 100,000 Turkish Kurds into Britain, and the efforts by sub-Saharan blacks (who were eventually beaten back) to storm a Spanish enclave in Morocco in order to gain entry into Spain. He concludes:

Giant smuggling rings and human waves cascading over fortified positions represent the starkest manifestations of profound and growing dilemmas: how islands of peace and plenty survive in an ocean of war and deprivation, how a diminishing European population retains its historic culture, and how states from Turkey to Mali to Mexico solve their problems rather than export them.

With no solutions in sight, however, there is every reason to expect these problems to worsen.

As I’ve noted before, Pipes is unique among neoconservatives in his concern about the immigration problem. But the underlying weakness in his position remains. If Western people go on believing Pipes’s ridiculous claim that only the “radical, political Islam” is bad, and that Islam as a whole is good, how will they find the will and determination to oppose the largely Muslim demographic invasion about which he is warning them?

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