How liberal white women get themselves raped by black men

I have written many times that whites, and white women in particular, recklessly put themselves in positions where they are killed or raped by blacks because they don’t want to appear racist. I developed this view from innumerable media accounts of racial crimes. But now a reader has sent me The Politics of Rape: The Victim’s Perspective, by Diana Russell (1984), which lays out at length the same point about white women’s willing vulnerability to predatory black men. Here, at Google Books, is the beginning of Chapter 17, “Reverse Racism and Rape”:

My feeling inside was, I don’t want him around, and I don’t want to talk to him. And there was some fear, but then I shoved that down, and I said to myself, don’t be so suspicious. Don’t be so distrustful of people. Also, since he was black, there was that trip of, you know, blacks feel inferior, and blacks feel like they’re always being pushed around, so try to be nice to this black guy.

The problems of white racism and reverse racism are sensitive issues that must be examined. Gina d’Amico saw herself as racist, and it was in part her struggle not to act in a racist manner that resulted in her being raped.

There are many cases like this. Not all are like Ms. d’Amico in regarding themselves as racist. What is common is the attempt on the part of many white victims to discount their feelings of mistrust for certain black men by seeing their mistrust as racist. Instead of following their feelings, they considered that their fear of lack of trust of the black men was racist, or that it would be seen as such by the men.

“Reverse racist” means that many white women put themselves in situations they would not otherwise enter if the men were white. They assume their lack of trust in black men is racist, when actually it may be quite appropriate. For example, many white women would accept a ride with two or more black men, but not from two or more white men. Others would allow themselves to talk with a black stranger, then go off somewhere alone with him, when they would not do this with a white man. Still others would tolerate more sexist talk from a black man than from a white man.

I look forward to reading more.

The reader who sent the link writes:

Your series on the black rapist and sexual predator, Hueges Akassy, reminded me of this sociological study on rape where the feminist author wrote how the fear of being considered “racist” prompts liberal white women to put themselves in harm’s way with some black men.

The study is from years ago. Its feminist author was blacklisted by the PC establishment for even investigating such a taboo subject. She even wrote about black rage as a motivation of racist revenge rape of white women.

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Mitchell B. writes:

I’ve seen this dynamic for years and years in social situations and in the workplace. And it’s not just about rape of course. It’s about whites subordinating themselves to blacks (and Hispanics) in all kinds of ways.

I was first introduced to this in the late ’60s when I was a more or less liberal adolescent. Somehow I was able to separate my liberal ideas from my perfectly appropriate distrust of blacks, so I didn’t really have much to do with them, while paying lip service to the prevailing leftist notions of equality. I am a male, so it wasn’t like blacks really wanted anything from me unless I went out of my way to deal with them. I knew plenty of people who did seek out blacks, and it always went bad one way or another. A lot of them would frankly say things like, “I wish I was a black.” Then they’d get ripped off or beat up or robbed or some other unpleasant thing. But they would just rationalize it as some kind of “authentic life experience”, learn nothing from that experience and, in fact, express pride in having been demeaned.

I used to frequent a local “head shop” that was really a full-service counterculture department store. They had drug delivery systems, hippy clothes, posters etc., and they had a large area for books and underground comics. I remember in one of the Zap comics, R. Crumb had a story about the Haight district that was refreshingly contemptuous of those idiots who embraced it and attempted to live the countercultural life there. He frankly showed them as people who really only cared about rocking the party, but who needed to rationalize that lifestyle by turning it into a morally-superior act of transcendent courage. In one of the comic panels Crumb showed two black guys dressed in the typical Panther style chatting up a cute little blonde hippy chick. One of them was saying to her, “Y’all ain’t race prejudice is ya?” This perceptive little depiction of life in the counterculture rang totally true according to my own observations, but I just sort of laughed about it. Back then, I figured blacks would somehow turn into dark Whites if we just loved the poor things enough.

This was only one of the many lessons about the leftist pathology that I discarded then, but remembered once I awakened to reality and became what most people would describe as a right-wing fanatic.

There were many, many of these early lessons, but it took quite a few years before I could stop rationalizing it.

Stogie writes:

The white women who put themselves in danger due to misplaced white guilt are foolish indeed. However, there is something called “rational discrimination.” Dinesh D’Souza first explained this in his book “The End of Racism,” circa 1995.

Rational discrimination occurs when you put your physical survival before polite societal fictions on race. Rational discrimination is why taxi cab drivers in New York or Los Angeles don’t pick up shabbily dressed black men in seedy parts of town. They know that to do so increases their chances of being robbed and killed. Even black tax drivers do the same thing and for the same reason: they’d rather be called “racist” than to wind up dead.

It seems that the white women who get themselves raped are practicing something else, namely irrational nondiscrimination.

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