Comments on Gates (and Obama), July 23

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Again, since there are so many current entries on the Gates matter, I will post all current comments in one entry.

Jeremy G., who had urged me to post the Gates arrest photo, pointing out that it would contradict his claim not to be able to yell, writes:

I’m very happy to see your excellent post on the relevance of this picture to the two competing versions of events. I think this picture seriously undermines Gates’s credibility. And now Obama has insulted the police (and what he said was an ugly insult, coming from the president of the United States) and placed this issue front and center in America. With Crowley refusing to apologize (and acting like a man!), now is the time for the Rush Limbaugh’s and Ann Coulter’s of the conservative mainstream to take up Crowley’s cause and stand up for white people or at least stand against chip-on-the-shoulder blacks. In a sane world, there would be a call for Obama to apologize to Crowley for saying that “acted stupidly”. Why not say, the police acted inappropriately? Or inexcusably? Why demean their intelligence?

John Hagan writes:

For one moment last evening the mask dropped, and white America got a taste of what it’s like to be governed by non-whites at the highest levels. President Obama admitted he was biased since Gates is a personal friend, and that he did not have all the facts in the case. Yet, he was quick to condemn this white police officer, and then go on to link this situation with so-called racial profiling.

There are hundreds of comments at the bottom of this article by Boston residents that excoriate Obama for his behavior. This is a teachable moment for white Americans if they care to grasp the significance of what Obama said last night in this OBVIOUS set-up question from a Chicago “reporter”.

LA replies:

I’m beginning to see a pattern. In everything Obama does there is staggering overreach, as in the health care bill, a complete lack of care for how far he’s going and whether it will work. This is not the gifted and intuitive politician people say he is; This is a man blinded by hubris.

Bob Weissberg writes:

Gates is obviously an empty suit with diplomatic immunity. He’s also stupid—just read what he has written on his website.

Gintas writes:

The liberal take on this picture: he was jet-lagged, he just returned from China, so he must be yawning.

Tim W. writes:

The Messiah was asked about the Gates arrest at his press conference. The press is clearly hoping to make this a national example of racial injustice. Obama threw in a little humor to keep from appearing to play the race card too overtly, but he still played it. The press and Obama are either not bothering to check all the facts in this case, or are deliberately distorting them. Obama made it sound as if the officer arrested Gates for no reason at all. No mention whatsoever of Gates’ misconduct and verbal abuse of an officer who was just doing his job.

Paul Nachman writes:

Here is Yuval Levin at the Corner. Levin says that Wonderboy gave a lengthy review of the facts. But of course Wonderboy said that he didn’t know the facts.

Obama On Gates [Yuval Levin]
There is much to be said about the astonishing dishonesty of President Obama’s health-care rhetoric tonight, and much (no doubt) will be said. But I have to admit I was actually most struck by his answer to the last question, about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates. It’s the kind of question to which a president would normally reply with something like: “that’s a local police matter, I don’t know the details and I know it will be worked out responsibly,” and move along. Obama gave a lengthy review of the facts, called the police officers involved stupid, and implied they are also liars. Very odd behavior for a president.
07/22 10:29 PM

Dave P. writes:

Thought I would drop you a line on the Gates issue.

Take a look at the policeman to the right of Gates. His left hand is raised in the characteristic manner of a person who is trying to calm someone. This is so natural and unposed, that it gives credence to the officer’s version of events.

LA replies:

Thanks. I don’t see that. just see the officer holding Gates by the arm.

Dave replies:

From our perspective it is to the right of Gates.

It is so obvious that the policemen is trying to calm someone.

LA replies:

Ok. The officer on our right seems to be holding forward his left forearm, but is not gesturing with it in any noticeable way. Or perhaps his index finger is extended. But his arm is close to his body, and furthermore he is not in Gates’s line of sight. So I just don’t see the calming gesture you’re talking about here.

Charles T. writes:

NRO. I stopped reading that rag a long time ago. It is worthless.

LA replies:

Well, this isn’t precisely NRO, it’s Phi Beta Cons, which is a distinct blog within NRO, and some people who are probably considered too conservative for NRO’s regular pages post there, such as Candace de Russy and Carol Iannone.

Charles T. writes:

There is a black police officer in the photograph. I wonder if Gates will go after him as well.

Larry G. writes:

Re Gates’s interview, what a drama queen.

You wrote:

“He’s already got material for an entire book!”

It could be titled: Letter from a Cambridge Jail

Tim W. writes:

The mayor of Cambridge, a black lesbian, has “apologized” to Gates, according to CNN. She doesn’t want another outrage such as this to occur in her town again. Note that the heading at the top of this CNN report is “Black in America.” I don’t think the media and the political class will be satisfied until Crowley is fired.

Karl D. writes:

I remember an early episode of Law & Order where the assistant D.A. puts a question to his assistant who is black “You have to decide if you are a black man who is a lawyer or a lawyer who is a black man.”

The same question can be asked of Obama, the supposed “Post racial president”. Last night I think he proved once and for all the answer to that question. No surprise here. He IS Gates. To use another film example. This one from “Full metal jacket”.

The scene is of a helicopter carrying two Marines flying over a rice patty in Viet Nam. The gunner is just blasting away at anything he see’s. Men, women, whatever. Horrified, one of the Marines asks the gunner: “How do you know if they are the enemy?” The gunner responds. ” If they run, they are VC. If they dont run they are well disciplined VC.”

In a lot of ways I see Obama as a well disciplined Gates.

A. Zarkov writes:

I think it unwise for Gates and Obama to further escalate criticism of Sargent Crowley. In his interviews he comes across as intelligent, articulate, and professional. On the other hand, Gates comes across as the usual angry race hustler who thinks he’s owed special deference because he’s a black Harvard professor. I predict the general public will not react well, and Obama’s poll rating will fall even further.

As some comic relief, I recommend the Chris Rock video, “How Not to get beat up by the police.” Warning: this is the usual Cris Rock routine, and it’s laced with profanity. If this kind of thing offends you then do not watch it. Nevertheless had Gates only followed the Rock’s dicta, he would have avoided the entire confrontation and everyone would have gone away happy. But Gates is itching for a fight, and he’s going to get it.

LA writes:

I heard that Gates in an interview today said that Crowley is a “rogue cop.”

Irv P. writes:

In a sane world, here is how the encounter would have taken place:

Knock on door upon seeing man on phone … door opens

Gates: Is something wrong, officer?

Crowley: We had a report of a possible break-in at this address. Would you step outside please?

Gates: Oh officer, I just got home from a trip and couldn’t get through my own door. My driver and I forced our way in and someone probably saw this and became alarmed and called the police.

Crowley: May I see some ID?

Gates: Of course


But how can we have sanity when every moment of every day we foster the insanity of a victim/guilt culture? Maybe, people will start to wake up from their 45 year slumber. One can only pray.

LA replies:

You’re absolutely right.

And Obama, supposedly a racial moderate, supposedly a leader who wants to help America bridge racial differences and transcend racial animosities, propagated the evil leftist lie that makes blacks see police as their enemy and refuse to cooperate with them. The top law enforcement official of the United States, the president, has undermined all the police in America.

Katherine B. writes:

Over at the Boston Globe, what remains of the “Glib’s” readership (surprisingly, non-liberal and sane) are taking not only the racist Gates, but also his good friend, the racist Obama, to task over Gates’s abysmal and offensive conduct. I’m amazed to think the Glib still has over 700 readers. On P 12 of the comments, a reader with the nic of “rattlebattle” has listedsome damning statistics of ethnic minority crime (Negro and Hispanic mainly) from the source of New Century Foundation 2007 (I’m not familiar with it). What no one has yet said is that these statistics are mirrored constantly in the criminal facts of life in most other countries as well and the entire African continent is the most damning proof of all.

Interesting to see the fight back in progress The times, they are a’changing!

LA replies:

New Century Foundation is Jared Taylor’s organization, so the reader presenting that information is not your typical mainstream person but someone with more advanced knowledge of racial realities.

David B. writes:

Today, Rush Limbaugh was pretty good on Obama’s comments on the Gates affair. Rush said, “Now we know that Barack Obama was listening during Reverand Wright’s sermons. We now know who he is and what he’s about.”

By the way, the last time I recall a President saying the wrong thing about an ongoing legal matter was Nixon in 1970 when he commented on the Manson trial for the Tate-Labianca murders. Nixon was making a speech talking about the general breakdown of law and order and said something like “this Charles Manson who killed these people.”

The attorneys for the Manson gang moved for a mistrial, but after a day or two the trial continued. Nixon made a statement reaffirming the idea of the presumption of innocence. The story was soon over.

Nixon, at least, was talking about a real crime.Obama, on the other hand, didn’t even know all the facts as to what had even taken place. Today, Obama’s press secretary announced that Obama “did not call the police stupid.” Well, he used the word “stupidly.” We may be going back to the Clintonian Weasel Word strategy.

Jonathan W. writes:

I have been reading threads in political forums where the topic of Gates’ arrest has been discussed. Multiple people have linked to your hosted version of the police report which seems to be unavailable everywhere else. I am writing to commend your decision to host it individually to keep it in the public sphere should anyone want an account other than what is being provided by the media.

LA replies:

Thank you, but of course there was no decision here, it was do or die. Remember that when after the initial copy at was removed, I was upset about this, and then readers fortunately found another copy of the document which somehow didn’t know about and hadn’t removed yet, and I instantly saved it. And a couple of hours later removed that copy as well. It was just a lucky break that that second copy existed, and due to searching by Alex K., Gintas, Evan H. and a couple of other readers that it was found.

Shyla Lefever writes:

Re Obama as a “decent” man, C.S. Lewis said, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may Sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their consciences.”

We’ve had enough of exhortations to be silent! Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues. I see that the world is rotten because of silence. ~St. Catherine of Sienna

Gintas writes:

The liberal take on this picture: he was jet-lagged, he just returned from China, so he must be yawning.

Tim W. writes:

The Messiah was asked about the Gates arrest at his press conference. The press is clearly hoping to make this a national example of racial injustice. Obama threw in a little humor to keep from appearing to play the race card too overtly, but he still played it. The press and Obama are either not bothering to check all the facts in this case, or are deliberately distorting them. Obama made it sound as if the officer arrested Gates for no reason at all. No mention whatsoever of Gates’ misconduct and verbal abuse of an officer who was just doing his job.

Dave P. writes:

Thought I would drop you a line on the Gates issue.

Take a look at the policeman to the right of Gates. His left hand is raised in the characteristic manner of a person who is trying to calm someone. This is so natural and unposed, that it gives credence to the officer’s version of events.

Mike Berman

Excellent post with the photos of Crowley and Obama! The more this BHO speaks, the better it gets. In one day he managed to alienate the vast majority of police and doctors (performing tonsillectomies instead of providing medicine for allergies remark). Keep it up, Obama. Let’s see who you can drive away today and where your poll ratings go tomorrow.

John B. writes:

Obama speaks to ABC about his press-conference comments re the Gates matter/

David A. writes:

Mr. Auster, when I read your description of Mr. Gates’ behavior, derived from Officer Crowley’s report, it brought to mind “Cops,” the long-running reality show. Almost every show featured a person, frequently inebriated, sometimes not; who for whatever reason, simply could not obey a request (which became a command, as the police officer must maintain control of the situation), or answer a question directly, but would just not shut up. Frequently the request was something like sit down, sit down. They all seemed to think the officer was there to debate them.

I would suggest your readers catch an old episode or two. I would venture to guess that the situation Officer Crowley encountered was very common and banal in some respects.

It’s heartening to see that Officer Crowley has, in a dignified way, declined to apologize. By all indicators, he followed standard procedures.

A reader writes:

Crowley is interviewed.

Ben W. writes:

Obama: “You probably don’t need to handcuff a guy, a middle-aged man who uses a cane.”

Problem is that men of all ages, using canes, wield them also as weapons to hit others in heated moments. Seen that happen many, many times. And a man yelling at you, with a cane … the prudent thing is to handcuff him so there is no possible way the cane is used.

Ben W. writes:

Notice how “dialectical” Obama is in his response to the Gates situation. Obama doesn’t know whether racism was involved. Yet the situation was handled stupidly. He thus signals to the black race the possibility of racism occurring while signaling to the white race that the situation was disturbing. Observe how Obama doesn’t talk about handcuffing an elderly black man, just an elderly man.

He needs to show a reaction to the black community that appears to be condemnatory. He doesn’t want to show the white community that it is explicitly a racist act. So he does a juggling act.

This is what post-racism is all about. Respond out of both sides of one’s mouth—the Obama dialectic learned at the feet of Saul Alinsky.

John B. writes:

Audio interview, July 23, with Sgt. James Crowley (of the Gates incident), radio station WEEI, Boston. Length = 22:29

Ben W. writes:

The Cambridge cop prominent Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. claims is a racist gave a dying Reggie Lewis mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a desperate bid to save the Celtics [ team stats] superstar’s life 16 years ago Monday.

“I wasn’t working on Reggie Lewis the basketball star. I wasn’t working on a black man. I was working on another human being,” Sgt. James Crowley, in an exclusive interview with the Herald, said of the forward’s fatal heart attack July 27, 1993, at age 27 during an off-season practice at Brandeis University, where Crowley was a campus police officer.


LA replies:

The fact that he tried to save a black man’s life using mouth to mouth resusitation, becaue the black man was a human being, doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants, say, a black man to marry his daughter. And that, in today’s America, would still make him a racist. Similarly, the fact that he tried to save a black man’s life doesn’t mean that if a black began behaving in an outrageously disorderly way toward him while he was in the performance of his official police duties, that he would just accept it.and let the man take control of the situation,. And that, in Obama’s America, would still make him a racist, even a stupidly behaving racist.

But in March 2008 we learned for sure what Obama really is, a lifelong follower of a vicious white-hater and America-hater, and a total liar, and a man ready to throw his grandmother, “a typical white woman,” under a bus. And the country chose not to look at that, and swallowed his March 18 race speech as though it were a moderate speech, when in reality it was a radical leftist speech, and let him continue on his way to the presidency.

Charles T. writes:

Mike Gallagher was not just angry today on his radio show, he was talking with white hot anger over Obama’s description of the Cambridge police as “acting stupidly.” He played Obama’s clip in context and it went something like this: paraphrasing—I do not have all the facts yet so I do not know if race was an issue, but—first, this would make anyone angry to be treated like this and , second, the police…. pausing…. “acted stupidly.”

So, Obama admits that he does not have all the facts and then proceeds to judge the police department as “acting stupidly.” Obama has committed some boners, but this one gets “best-of-show.” [LA replies: But it’s often hard to know if it’s pure stupidity and carelessness, or an expression of his fundamental indifference or hostility to the welfare of this country, or both.] Gallagher played the clip several more times during this segment and then closed with this: paraphrasing—LOUD VOICE—“So this is what race relations has come down to in America; black men scream loudly and the rest of us are just supposed to jump.” LA has written many times that Black America is at war with the rest of us; but I have never heard ANYONE on the radio say it. Mike Gallagher just said it today. Mike was not being nice during this segment—he was speaking with white hot anger.

During another segment, Mike invited defenders of Gates to call in. A self-identified black male, law enforcement officer called and defended Gates. Mike immediately asked him if the caller had read the police reports. The caller said—uh—no. Mike then—politely—asked him to promise that he would read the reports before he made a final judgment on this. The caller started his defense of Gates again that police have to deal with hotheads all the time and the Cambridge should have had a cooler head; he made this point several times. Mike challenged him—come on , your are just going to let people act like this and not arrest them? Mike again asked him to read the reports and then pointed out there are four reports, all approached from different angles, but basically stating the same thing. He asked the officer—doesn’t this sound credible if there are four reports? The caller grudgingly said yes. He again asked the caller to promise to read the report. The caller said he would. Mike then addressed his audience stating the caller was reasonable—and the caller was controlled—but——and it is a big but—Mike then stated that he was very surprised that this law enforcement officer would side with the arrested person over his fellow law enforcement officers BEFORE THIS OFFICER HAD READ THE REPORTS! Why indeed? Obama did the same thing. He made a judgment about this case before he had all the evidence and while admitting he did not have all the evidence. Both of these men are siding with their tribe over the weight of the objective evidence. The tribal mindset is on display here.

Mike did a great job questioning this caller and essentially exposed his bias. This case has made Obama look like a fool. Gates is a very stupid man; his actions will do nothing to help improve relations between black and white people.

LA writes:

A friend told me that Limbaugh on Van Susteren tonight “sounds like you. He’s saying that Obama is a bad man.”

But I repeat the puzzle I posed to Charles: Is Obama stupid, or is what appears to be stupidity an expression of his fundamental lack of care for this country, his desire to see it wrecked so that a new America can be erected in its place? Sometimes it may seem like one, sometimes the other. But in a sense it doesn’t matter, because whether he is actively seeking to harm the country, or is simply not exercising his mind in his job, the same element is missing: the use of his mind on behalf of America.He either uses his mind against America, or doesn’t use it at all.

Thus his rcckless irresponsible stupidity on one hand, and his deliberate intention to subvert America on the other, do not contradict each other. They complement and fortify each other, working in tandem to harm the country.

Kilroy M. writes:

Perhaps a little fatalistic., but I have to say that the comments from the Obama administration that insult and disparage the police, veterans and ordinary Americans are on the whole a good thing; I believe they may well contribute to the awakening of the Centre to the left’s very real bigotry. Do you think that this is a possible future dynamic forming?

LA replies:

I write about this all the time, it was the one possible silver lining I could see in an Obama presidency. That’s what I mean by the hope that the Obama presidency would be a four-year long O.J. Simpson acquittal sack dance. And this week I’d say the sack dance moved into high gear.

Philip M. writes from England:

Charles T. wrote:

“Mike did a great job questioning this caller and essentially exposed his bias. This case has made Obama look like a fool. Gates is a very stupid man; his actions will do nothing to help improve relations between black and white people. ”

But what makes you think he wants to improve race relations? He is actively involved in the racial-grievance industry. In modern America, what did Gates really have to lose by doing this? Blacks have a (white) world to win, and in a society where they can always play the race card, they have nothing to lose by pushing their luck. So they will not stop pushing until they meet resistance.

Worst case scenario: Gates admits he over-reacted and nervous white America breathes a grateful sigh of relief to the magnanimous black man.

Best case scenario: nervous white Americans capitulate and let blacks lord it over the police with impugnity.

Marc B. writes:

This is a bit off topic, but to connoisseurs of current academic imbecility, it was gratifying a number of years ago to see Henry Louis Gates, a full, tenured and (I believe) endowed professor of literature at Harvard, refer to Shakespeare’s famous lines “My love is like a red red rose” when he testified at the 2 Live Crew obscenity trial. The fruits of the MLA?—what would Edmund Wilson say to this example of professorial stupidity?

LA replies:

I knew—and would have known had I been asked—that the line wasn’t by Shakespeare, but someone much later, someone fairly exotic whose name was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t remember it, so I had to google it. Here’s the answer.

Philip M. writes:

With regards to what I said about blacks having “nothing to lose.” One of the beauties of being a racial minority (paticularly the one at the bottom) is that you have no responsibility for upholding or sustaining the civilisation of which you reap the rewards. I suspect a lot of jaded whites envy blacks this freedom. In virtually everything whites say, wear and do, and in the culture we produce, we signal that we know longer want this responsibility and simply yearn to give it away to the first strong man who can prize it from our limp hands. Having a family may be hugely rewarding, but it is also a burden which will earn you the jeolousy of those who have none, and provide enemies and crooks with potential hostages.

Putting Obama in charge of white America is rather like David Duke making a terminally-ill Reverend Wright his personal chauffeur: he won’t, on principle, take him anywhere he needs to go, and will probably drive him over a cliff the first opportunity he gets.

You could see most of the counter/alternative culture (which is now mainstream white attitudes) as various groups of whites desperately trying to find a category for themselves (feminist, pagan, teenager, gay, punk, hippy, drug-user) which will liberate them from seeing themselves as part of the mainstream culture into a “victim” of the historic culture and its standards, which they therefore have no responsibilty to defend or uphold, like blacks—like Gates.

As for me: I sometimes wish I didn’t care … but I am a poor white man with nowhere else to go—no access to a minority lifeboat for me, so I’m stuck on this paticular Titanic. So if you see distress flares coming from my direction Lawrence, just assume I’m letting off fireworks to celebrate Kwanzaa or Chinese New Year and rest assured this boat is unsinkable. I’m just being locked below decks as a safety precaution ;)

LA replies:

“In virtually everything whites say, wear and do, and in the culture we produce, we signal that we know longer want this responsibility and simply yearn to give it away to the first strong man who can prize it from our limp hands.”

I had a similar thought to Philip’s once. In a January 2006 entry, “Western liberals’ ultimate embrace of Islam,” I wrote:

As I read this, I suddenly realized that my whimsical image of Western Christians and Jews serving some future Caliph of Europe is a prospect that would be highly pleasant and attractive to many Westerners. I realized that these spiritually emptied-out elites are not just anti-Western, as has been said a million times, and do not just seek to harm and weaken the West before its enemies, as has been said a million times, but that they literally do not want our civilization to continue, it’s too guilty, too powerful, and its guilt and its power are too much of a burden for them. How do you go on upholding something that you don’t believe in anyway? … Western liberals can no longer stand pretending to care about and to be responsible for a civilization that they no longer believe in. They resent the charge; they’re weary of the task. If the opportunity were offered to them, they would much prefer to be the retainers and attendants of a Muslim Caliph of Europe, no longer having to carry the unwanted and disliked burden of Western-ness and white-ness, but serving in a subordinate though still useful and honorable role in a new Islamic Golden Age. They would be happier and more fulfilled that way.

Philip M. writes:

“I am a poor white man with nowhere else to go…”

I have decided that the next time a bleeding-heart leftie asks me why I support the BNP I will answer honestly: because I’m poor.

Being a liberal is the ultimate symbol of ostentation: dozens of Africans died to produce your diamond necklace? That’s nothing, thousaands of my own people are murdered and raped just to sustain my opinions!

I was watching a documentary about the Black Death with my friend the other day. It was pointing out that so many peasants died that the ones who survived were in great demand as workers, and were able to secure better treatment for themselves as a result.

My friend pointed out, “If that happened today, they would just bring in migrant workers instead.” How different England would be now if this option had been open to our Lords and Masters at the time….

Keep up the Gatesgate: sterling stuff.

Mike writes:

Reading your post, “What do Gates’s defenders want?”, I can’t help but think of the segment of the “A Conversation About Race” video that you mentioned a few days ago, where the white girl says that she must learn to tolerate loudness to avoid being “racist” against blacks, because they tend to be loud. Must we also tolerate blacks’ contempt for order and authority, and encourage whites to degenerate into that same selfish, arrogant mindset?

I’ve read several black bloggers who have defended Gates, not because they thought Crowley was racist but just because they couldn’t see how Gates had done anything wrong. They didn’t even dispute Crowley’s report. To these bloggers, there was nothing objectionable about calling a white policeman racist without justification, being uncooperative with the police, or making a scene on your front porch as the policeman meekly exited. To them, it was not just understandable but completely natural.

As a white American, I think it’s absolutely unacceptable to abuse a police officer of any race. I would never do it, and I don’t want to live in a society where it is considered acceptable. I see a police officer’s duty not just as apprehending criminals or enforcing the law, but also as instilling a respect for order and even (to an extent) a fear of authority and law enforcement. The police can’t be everywhere, so it’s necessary that society respects a standard of decency and order even when the police aren’t around to see. If you won’t respect a police officer, why would you respect your fellow citizens?

Gates’s attitude is toxic for several reasons. First, his knee-jerk outrage at the sight of a white officer. Second, his attempts to provoke a man with cuffs and a gun. And finally, his after-the-fact attempt to place all the blame on the officer—his complete lack of introspection or humility. Gates is being presented as a hero and a role model, when in reality he could not be a greater caricature of anti-social self-destructive black behavior.

P.S. I’m not sure if you want to include this, but here’s a link to Google Video where you can see “A Conversation About Race”. Personally, I doubt that Bodeker cares about the money more than the message.

Hannon writes:

Thank you for doing a bang-up job covering this story, and to the commenters for comments and links. Mr. Zarkov’s link to the Chris Rock routine, allowing for profanity, is especially appreciated. It is hilarious and so true.

July 24

David B. writes:

I just looked at NRO and they had 3 mildly critical pieces by Rich Lowry, V. D. Hanson (“Gates probably overreacted”), and Mona Charen, who has never been the same since she no longer had Bill Clinton around. They are no were near as strong on the issue as Rush Limbaugh and Mike Gallagher.

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