How many different buttons (both true and false) are pressed by the Lara Logan story?

A reader writes:

In today’s superheated world it took about five seconds for the Lara Logan story to morph into a story of competing political correctnesses. A left wing “journalist” named Nir Rosen tweeted some nasty stuff making light of the disgraceful assault on Logan. Rosen is a noisome character, a renegade Israeli who trashes Israel nonstop. This qualified him to worm his way to the top of the prestige journalist world.

But—he forgot himself. It’s OK to slime Israel, but he shot himself in the foot with his noxious comments about Logan’s assault, and resigned from his plum job. Israel hate is OK, but open misogyny isn’t. He should have known better—he should have hidden the misogyny in a more palatable format. Then he might have gotten away with it.

Debbie Schlussel is also being zinged for writing crassly about the issue. Jeffrey Goldberg, the useless hack at Atlantic, equates Rosen and Schlussel. But there’s no comparison between the two. Schlussel wrote an insensitive column, but it contained the truth: no woman is safe in the Muslim world. Plus she’s a journalistic nobody who writes for right wing websites, while Rosen resigned from some prestigious think tank, and has testified for the Senate. He’s an evil louse, and people take him seriously. He was against the Iraq war not because it was bad for the U.S. and the West, but because he thinks that the West contaminates the Arab world.

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