The Stupids who think they’ve won

James N. writes:

This morning the Stupid Party is falling all over itself, believing that by accepting Roberts’s conclusion that the penalty is a “tax,” they can run against “tax increases on the middle class.”

The penalty part of ACA is its least troublesome part. The grossly unconstitutional infringements on liberty, state sovereignty, personal responsibility, and self-ownership are catastrophic.

But of course, “conservatives” don’t understand any of this, it requires thinking, which makes their heads hurt.

If paying for Obamacare is the only reason to reject it, the battle is already lost.

LA replies:

Yes. For the Stupids and the Adreno-Cons, if they lose the Constitution and the country, but gain a possible temporary partisan advantage, it’s a win!

If they lose any remnant of limits on government power (which is what Roberts’s “tax” interpretation of Obamacare means), but gain a slogan,—“Obama said he wouldn’t raise taxes but he did!”—it’s a win!

See my list, which sounds fantastical, but is entirely logical, of the things Congress can now command you to do under the Roberts decision which the Republicans and conservatives are cheering.

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Carol Iannone writes:

I have a feeling the adrenalin will subside and these people won’t be able to keep up a euphoria about Roberts’s great decision.

Matt writes:

Jerry Seinfeld has a bit where he points out that modern sports fandom is tantamount to rooting for the clothes worn by the “home” team. These stupid-cons will root for anything as long as it is done by some guy wearing a red jersey embossed with a big letter R.

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