The Republic—gravely injured, or deceased?

Rick Darby writes at Reflecting Light:

We need to turn away the natural tendency to denial. American traditions, the Constitution, loyalty to any constituency beyond racial and ethnic tribes, the odds of soon rebuilding the economy, lost yesterday. Big time. This is what we have to come to terms with before anything else.

Don’t look for silver linings; not to say there aren’t any (although they sure are hard to spot at the moment), but right now the republic that was bequeathed to us by the greatest assembly of political philosophers in history is torn and bleeding. Deal with it.

LA writes:

I disagree that it’s only torn and bleeding. In my view, it is gone and is not coming back (which I began saying a year ago). A country that accepts open homosexuality in the military, homosexual “marriage,” federal dictatorial control over health care insurance (e.g. the contraceptive mandate), a government that lawlessly topples a foreign government, kills its leader who was no threat to us, and replaces him by our mortal enemies, a government that appropriates the wealth of the orderly and productive part of the population in order to sustain and empower an alien and resentful population of parasites whose problems it blames on the orderly and productive; and, finally, a country in which a growing half of the population will never vote for a political party even half-heartedly opposing these things, is no longer the republic that was bequeathed to us by the founders. Any acceptable political system that Americans manage to build in the future, perhaps in certain regions or states of the current United States, will not be the historic American Republic.

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